Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, December 17, 2011

HBO: Dennis Miller Live- Bill Maher & Dennis Miller: Free Speech vs Political Correctness

Source: HBO-
Source: HBO: Dennis Miller Live- Bill Maher & Dennis Miller: Free Speech vs Political Correctness

In a true marketplace of ideas where there's truly free speech that anyone can basically say whatever the hell that they want as long as they are not yelling fire in a public place, threatening to hurt someone ,or falsely libeling people, all ideas and all views would be out in the open. And then the better ideas and views would win and its that simple. And of course if you live in a place where morons are in charged, take the Middle East to use as an example, where you can get the death penalty for banging your secretary or driver, if you're married, or where women can get arrested for driving, which is as intelligent as trying to take a nap in a Fireplace with a Lit Fire, assholes win out because the people tend not to feel strong enough to take them on.

Put ignorant people in charge and you see ignorant policy's put in place. Then the ignorant ideas and views are going to win out, but the good thing about a lot of the rest of the world especially in democracy's, people tend to be somewhat intelligent. Because they don't have to worry about getting arrested for going to school, especially females and in especially in a liberal democracy all speech except for what I laid out, is free speech. People have the right to express themselves out in public. Free speech is just as protected by the U.S. Constitution for very friendly intelligent people (Teddy Bears as I would call them) as its protected for pardon the term, assholes.

Even hate speech is tolerated. So if a bunch of clowns or ghosts wearing capes get together and hold a rally and a march preaching the message of Caucasian purity and non-Caucasian Protestant people are evil, they can do that. And perhaps convince two more people that they are correct, two other asshole high school dropouts. Who blame everyone else including immigrants for their lot in life. Not having the intelligence to realize, that if they bothered to stay in school, they wouldn't be ignorant and asking people if they want paper or plastic, or if they what fries with that to make a living. Because they would have the skills to get a good job and meet people who don't look like them. And see that they are people to who are basically looking for the same things in life.

If you have a liberal democracy you're going to have an intelligent country for the most part. Instead of having government control all the information and just use it to for their benefit. And people will be able to go out, get educated, get a good job and see the world as it is. Thats for the people who bother to go and stay in school and get educated. And for the people who don't bother to do those things or grow up with parents who didn't do those things, thats where assholes come from. Because they don't know any better. So they make brilliant decisions like deciding people are no good because of how they look and other things. And they suffer as a result because they limit who they are able to communicate with. Because intelligent people tend not to like assholes, well because they are assholes.

But in a liberal democracy you can have hate speech because you are a liberal democracy and ignorant people are in the minority. Otherwise the country couldn't function and the good ideas win out and are put in place like the U.S. Constitution. And ignorant people are seen for exactly what they are, making expressing their stupid opinions. Giving the rest of the country a great laugh.