Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Talking Points Memo: Sarah Mania! Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

Source: Talking Points Memo-
Source: Talking Points Memo: Sarah Mania! Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits

If there's one political campaign as well as the record that has followed their post-political campaign that has determined the rest of their political career its Sarah Palin's 2008 campaign for vice president and just about everything thats come after that campaign following 2008. And why Sarah Palin will never be President of the United States and may never run for President of the United States. Because even though its only been three years since Governor Palin has come onto the national scene, there's already a library of material that could be used against Palin. Making her look like Mrs. Not Ready for Prime Time.

Seeing Russia from her backyard making her an expert on foreign policy, was just the opening act that kept people in the theaters. And wanting to see the movie again, renting the movie when it comes out, buying their own copy, giving the movie to people for gifts, selling the movie to people. Standing in waiting lines or making reservations to see the movie.

And three years later because of the success of the Sarah Palin Movie, The World According to Sarah Palin, a real life comedy, there have been sequels to this movie. That if anything are more popular and have also won awards for Comedy of The Year as well. The reason why Sarah Palin is not running for President right now, well Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry beat her to it. So she would have to compete with two other people and they are already showing America how not to run for President. So that would be one lesson in how not to run for President that Sarah Palin wouldn't be able to teach the country.

We have a real life comedian in Sarah Palin and we can all thank Senator John McCain, who already has more thank you letters than votes in Congress for introducing Sarah Palin. What was Senator McCain thinking when he was considering his vice presidential nominee? By the way, most of those of those thank you letters coming from Democrats, I sent a few myself. Would've sent more but the stores were all out of thank you Letters, ironically all going to the same person.

Hum lets see, we already have the most unqualified President of the United States in George W. Bush. How do I top that and they put together a national search to find this person from East to West and then figured out that America has more than 48 States. Wait there's one state we haven't checked yet lets go up to Alaska and take Governor Sarah Palin. Someone who believes that since Alaska is so big, that the whole country if not world is located in Alaska.

Which is why Palin says the things she does, she simply doesn't know any better. She believes the whole world revolves around Alaska. Which I gotta admit is a big beautiful state that I would like to see some day. But 310 million people live in the rest of the country. Snd things that Sarah Palin says like about Russia, blood libel, etc, may sound brilliant in Alaska, but ignorant to a lot of the rest of the country.

One book that Sarah Palin could write should be about how not to run for Vice President or President of the United States. Because she's experienced in that first hand, simple title, "How not to Run for Vice President." By Sarah Palin and this book would be used as Politics 101 in most political science courses. Even though the Far-Right which includes the Religious and Neo-Right and elements of the Tea Party, all love Sarah Palin. And probably want her to run for President. Despite all of this she won't run for President in 2012 and I'm willing to wager ever because of 2008-11. Notice she's been pretty quiet lately because she's already the punching bag for the Democratic Party. Replacing George W. Bush someone who seem not replaceable just three years ago.