Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, April 29, 2012

FOX News: Sean Hannity- Fred Phelps Supporter on Hannity & Colmes

Source: FOX News-
Source: FOX News: Sean Hannity- Fred Phelps Supporter on Hannity & Colmes

When even Sean Hannity takes a stand against religious fundamentalists for attacking soldiers who died because they were gay and they "deserved to die", you know religious fundamentalists are wrong. Sean Hannity is someone I agree with as often as Houston sees snow in July and who on a regular basis defends Religious and Neoconservatives. People who you could also questioned their mental sanity. People who for example have questioned whether Barack Obama is an American citizen and have said he's an illegal immigrant. Who've questioned his religion, calling him an African Muslim from Kenya, questioning his love for America.

Sean Hannity has escaped mental patients (better known as the Far-Right) like this on his show on a regular basis. But on this show decided to go after a group that calls itself a church. The "Westboro Baptist Church", they are really a family with some non-family members. Its a group of twenty people. If this is a church, then the New York Yankees are a hockey franchise. They are no more a church, than Elvis Presley is alive. (sorry die hard Elvis Supporters) Or Rick Santorum is a Liberal. They are a group of Far-Right borderline anarchist bigots, who hate homosexuals and the military. And Sean Hannity was calling them out on that.

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Hate Group (as I call them) these people are no more Christian than Bill Maher. These people are about hate pure and simple, people who claim to love America, but hate Americans. It would be like someone saying they hate meat but love cheeseburgers. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of them in March, 2011, in a hate speech case involving a family who lost a relative in Iraq I believe and the Westboro's protested against this family because the solider was gay, I defended their right to do that.

Hate Speech is protected by the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court has been very clear about that. But good sane people have the responsibility to call out these mental patients when they go after good people. To keep their message from becoming anything other than what it is, which is hate, pure and simple. And so decent people don't take them seriously and actually believe the garbage they are dumping onto the country.

Its rare that I agree with anything Sean Hannity says. If he said it was cold in Buffalo in January, I would check the weather report for Buffalo, but he did a great job in this video of calling out the Westboro group for exactly what they are. A group of mental patients that are lucky they haven't been committed to a mental institution.