Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, May 19, 2012

CATO Institute: George Will- Keynotes 2010 Milton Friedman Prize Dinner

Source: CATO Institute-
Source: CATO Institute: George Will- Keynotes 2010 Milton Friedman Prize Dinner

George Will said in an interview with Charlie Rose in October, 2008, (a future blog about that coming up, that) "there's a Libertarian Wing and a Social Conservative Wing in the GOP." And that the "Libertarian Wing, is getting larger in the GOP." Thanks to Ron Paul, CATO Institute and others ,. He's mostly correct and I agree with most of that.

I would just phrase that a little differently . And would put it this way, that there's a Conservative Wing and I mean conservative across the board not statist in any sense and there's a Statist Wing in the Republican Party. People who are Neoconservatives and Christian-Theocrats, who now make up the Christian Right, Tea Party and people who don't identify themselves with either of those groups.

Thats the state of GOP today made up of people who believe in economic freedom, except for the right for workers to organize and religious freedom for Christians. They want big government out of our wallets, so they can get in our bedrooms and living rooms. To tell us how we can live our lives, who we can sleep with, who we can marry, what we can watch on TV and what we can listen to. What bars and clubs we can go to, etc. To a certain extent even what we can do with our own money. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, the Neoconservative Wing of the Republican Party is winning in the GOP. Which is bad for them and anyone who believes in liberal democracy and doesn't want America to become a one-party State, which is most of us.

Because as we move along as a country, we are getting younger, more tolerant, more liberal and libertarian. We are becoming a country that wants big government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Because we are adults who are crazy enough to believe that we are smart enough to manage out our own lives and make our own decisions. That being an adult actually allows for people to do these things for themselves. And even if that sounds crazy enough for the Christian-Right to want to lock us up in mental institutions for having these crazy immoral beliefs to them, most Americans now tend to see individualism as common sense.

Generation X and Y are perfect examples of that. But as the changes are happening. We have Christian-Conservatives who are still stuck in the 1950s. Haven't figured out that color TV is common and that people like to have a good time and don't want to be told how to live their lives. That not all Americans don't fit in with the establishment, that we are all individuals and don't fit into the Christian-theocratic box of what Americans are supposed to be. And that if you don't fit in that box, which is only the size of a lunch box, that somehow you are Un-American, or socialist.

George Will, is right about the GOP in the sense of the two wings that make up today's GOP. What he would call a Libertarian Wing, that he fits in, that I would call Conservative which is different. And a social conservative wing, that I would call Christian-theocratic. That are theocratic Republicans (if that makes any sense) and are unfortunately for the GOP, the Theocrats are not only coming, but are winning in the GOP and are on course to put the Republican Party out of business.