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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

John Edwards ABC NightLine Interview On Adultery From 2008: The Career that could've been for John Edwards

I haven't been following the trial of John Edwards this year, other then seeing a few highlights. On the tube, he's clearly guilty of bad behavior, like having an affair with another women. While his wife is dying, while he was running for President. And then trying to cover it up, whether he used Campaign Funds to cover it up or not. Which we would be stupid thing to do for a few reasons. For one its simply wrong, thats bad enough. Two its illegal, again bad enough and reason why you shouldn't do something like that. And three he didn't have to do that, again for several reasons. He's a wealthy man for one and could've paid his mistress off. And anyone else he needed to do, from his own finances and probably could've covered that up as well. But he should've never been in position to have to do something like that. To begin with, he should've had a big enough conscience to not have an affair. Period but specially considering his wife is dying, the mother of his kids. And of course the impact that something like that would have on his kids.

John Edwards before his affair, was not going to be elected President of the United States. At least not in 2008, he was the number three Presidential Candidate. Out of three and didn't manage to win one major primary or caucus, a State that could've. Put him ahead of either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, he was number three out of three. And a dark horse at best to be selected for Vice President, he had that position in 2004. With John Kerry and other then being an exciting candidate for the Democratic Base. Didn't do much for Sen. Kerry in places like Ohio and Florida, Kerry wins either of those States. He's elected President in 2004 and perhaps reelected in 2008 and Sen. Edwards didn't do a very good job. Against Vice President Cheney in 2004, in the VP Debate, basically looking like a kid compared with Cheney. Sen. Edwards did run a solid Presidential Campaign in 2004 though and became a Democratic Star.

John Edwards was not going to be elected President in 2004 or 2008. He was a one term Senator with no prior political experience as a Public Official. He didn't even serve in the House before either, so he had a steep learning curve. Going from being a one term Senator to President of the United States, he would've had a big learning curve. Going from a one term Senator with no prior political experience, to becoming Vice President. But what Sen. Edwards brought to the table, was Star Power, the future of the Democratic Party. Someone who could bring in new voters, especially young Democrats. Who are tired of cookie cutter politicians, who tell us what we want to hear. Which is exactly what Sen. Obama brought in 2008 but took it to a much higher level. Had Sen. Edwards postponed his dream or fantasy about becoming President of the United States. And spent the next 4-8 years learning about the country, working at a Think Tank. Perhaps Governor of North Carolina or taking a Cabinet position. He might still have a political carer right now.

Serving as John Kerry's Vice President, had Sen. Kerry been elected President in 2004. Would've been a great role and job for John Edwards. He would've learned a lot from a President Kerry, about Washington about government. And would've been in great position to run for President in 2012, had a President Kerry been reelected in 2008. Similar to Richard Nixon under President Eisenhower but of course we'll never know.