Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, May 20, 2012

HBO Sports Movies: Michigan & Columbus Rivalry: Why its the Greatest Rivalry in Football

When you are talking about the greatest rivalries in sports and what are the best rivalries and what makes a great rivalry. You have to know that rivalries are between good if not great teams and that most of the time if not every time they play each other. The game has a lot of meaning, thats its very important to the teams and their fans but also important to the league and sport they play in. Great rivalries aren't between bad teams or even mediocre team, because when those teams play each other, those games just aren't very important. So when you talk about the Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry or as I call Ohio State, Columbus Ohio, because thats where they play and represent. And you are familiar with these two great Football Programs, the two most dominant Programs in the Big 10 Conference and two of the most dominant Football Programs in Major League College Football. And that when they play each other, its almost always to see who will represent the Big 10 in the Rose Bowl and who will have a shot at playing for the National Championship. As well as who'll win the Big 10, the Michigan-Columbus game is almost always a Championship game.

This is just one reason why this is such a great rivalry but shouldn't that be enough to call Michigan-Ohio the greatest rivalry in football. Do I really need to expand on that, I'm going to just because there is plenty more that deserves to be mentioned. Lets talk Regional Rivalry, sorta like when the Philadelphia Eagles play the New York Giants. The Michigan Wolverines essentially represent the Detroit Area, a large Metropolitan Area of 5M people or so. They come from Anne Arbor which is just outside of Detroit and about 200M miles South of Anne Arbor, is Columbus, Ohio, where the Buckeyes comes from. The biggest city in Ohio and no the biggest city in Ohio is not Cleveland, you are talking about a rivalry, thats a Border State rivalry, Michigan and Ohio, two of the biggest States in the Union.

Both Michigan and Ohio are Blue Collar States and Programs, that represent hard working Blue Collar people, people who have two work hard to make a good living. They both represent cold weather towns, that have real football weather, unlike lets say Washington or San Francisco. Oh by the way they are both great schools, two of the best in the country. So you know the players there are good hard working people and who are also very intelligent or they wouldn't of gotten into Michigan or Ohio or be able to last. And both programs are also very diverse and recruit all over for the best players in the country, that can make the grades in the classroom at their schools. So when these two teams get together, you know you are getting a great game, where both teams give their best effort and play smart football. And these are the main reasons why both schools have been so successful.

No offense to California and Stanford who call their annual game, the "Big Game" and I'm sure it is to both schools and the Bay Region. But those games generally don't decide Championships, whose going to win the Pac 10 Conference or play for the National Championship. The Michigan-Columbus game, is the game of the Big 10, the game of the Midwest and the game of the year. Because of how important their games are every year.