Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge With Peter Robinson- The Politics of Hollywood With Andrew Breitbart

Source: Hoover Institution-
Source: Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge With Peter Robinson- The Politics of Hollywood With Andrew Breitbart

Is there is fascism amongst Leftists (Far-Leftists, actually) in America, with political celebrities who are famous for their ability to entertain who have used their fame to voice their politics and who view people disagree with them, as corporatists or slaves to the Military Industrial Complex or whatever, as well as there are fascists amongst Leftists who work in politics for a living, again who look down on people who aren't exactly like them, who look at life differently, who didn't grow up in the Northeast or San Francisco or Los Angeles or whatever, sure ! But thats been around for a hundred years or so.

But there's also Fascists amongst people in the Tea Party, who are still stuck in the 1950s . Who have a very narrow view of America and if you don't share their views, you are considered Un-American as well. The entertainment industry tends to be on the left, both Liberals and people farther to the left than that. Creative people tend to be liberal, thats not a secret and tend to look at the world, differently from people who aren't creative and not looking to change things. Where Conservatives (Christian and Libertarian)  tend to look at the world from the way it use to be and point to the 1950s as the Glory Years of America and if you don't fit in that box, you are considered Un-American.

This is something that Andrew Breitbart (RIP) and people on his side of the political spectrum, don't tend to understand. That there's fascism on the fringes of both sides and if you don't fit into one of the boxes, you are so bad as a person, that you don't even deserve to be listened to. If your view of America is only what you see from Hollywood, then your view will be a fantasy for the most part. Because a lot what you see from Hollywood, is from some Hollywood director or producer's, view of how they want America to be.

But if your view of America, is only what you see from a fundamentalist religious view that all of America is in the Heartland (meaning between San Francisco and New York) that all Americans go to church every week, that we all religious, that we all come from two-parent families, dad goes to work, mom stays home and raises the kids, homosexuals and minorities are kept silent, nothing but family programming on TV, with Family TV Night etc, then you also have a narrow view of America as well.

Hollywood to me is about entertainment. I watch movies and other things to be entertained and from time to time you see something from Hollywood thats produced about true life. A movie based on a true story to use as an example. But I don't take the politics of Hollywood very seriously. These people are entertainers and tend to look at things the way they want to. And how they believe the world should be. Not how it is.