Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"The Great Philadelphia Takeover of Baltimore by Phillies Fans": How the Orioles can Prevent this in the Future

This weekend the Philadelphia Phillies came 90 miles South down on I95 to Charm City, to take on the Orioles at Oriole Park. In a three game series, which the Orioles needed to win, to beat a very good team, for the standings but also prove to themselves and their fans, that they can not only beat a good team. A contender, as well as a champion which is what the Phillies are, after losing Friday Night in a slugfest, 9-6, the Orioles bounced back and beat the Phillies Saturday and today, both games in Extra Innings. Where the Orioles are the masters so far, on winning late inning games, something they've struggled to do for the last 5-7 years at least and now have won ten straight games in Extra Innings. They are not only learning how to win in 2012 but are using those lessons to produce victories and setting what will be a very good Divisional Rivalry in the future . Assuming Major League Baseball realigns the way I expect them to, which is moving the Phillies to the AL Eastern Division, where they would be in between the New York Yankees, 100 miles north and the Orioles 90 miles South, setting up where they would have two great Divisional Rivals between two very good teams, with very good histories.

What you get with Philadelphia Sports Fans and one reason why I like Philadelphians and the City of Brotherly Love. And one advantage they have over Baltimore and Washington, perhaps the only advantage they have over Washington, I think I even like Washington Cheesesteaks more then Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. Is their fans their devotion to their teams, Baltimore and Washington have great Sports Fans as well, I'm not putting them down but they are both Football Towns and like their other clubs. Washington is just starting to become a good Baseball Town and Baltimore has a history of being a great Baseball Town as well but with Orioles being as bad as its been the last ten years. That devotion has been struggling to put it mildly but with Philadelphians, if there's a game in town to go to, they'll be there whether their team is good or not. And if they suck, they'll more then let them know about it and they'll travel to support their club, especially for the Phillies and Eagles, to support them and let them know when they are unhappy.

What you get with Baltimoreans and Washingtonians, except for the Ravens and Redskins, is more of an Missouri attitude. Show me you are good from what I see on TV, hear on radio, read online or something and then I'll be there to support you, its more of a Fair Weather attitude with Baltimore and Washington. I'm not saying the Orioles and Nationals should sell out, when they are bad but at least show up, given them big enough crowds so they have the resources to be competitive in the future and not end up like the Montreal Expose. With crowds of 7,000 people in a 60,000 seat stadium, when the team isn't good. Orioles and Nationals Fans do this and they won't have to worry about thousands of Phillie Fans showing up at their ballpark. Because those tickets would already been bought by Nationals and Oriole Fans.