Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yankees vs Red Sox Rivalry: Why its The Greatest Rivalry in Pro Sports

What makes the Boston Red Sox New York Yankee Rivalry so great, well there are several reasons and there would have to be, for it to be the great Sports Rivalry that it is. One and not to do this in any order, you are talking about two of the most winningest franchises in Major League Baseball, as far as games won and the amount of big games they have played in. Another one would be location, two big Northeastern cities, both two of the biggest markets and cities in the country and they are reasonably close by. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 miles, so the fans travel to see their team play in the other teams ballpark, which just adds to the Fan Atmosphere, with fans from both teams yelling at each other. One side will start cheering and the other side will start booing, just to shut them up, sorta like going to a Eagles-Redskin game, similar Fan Atmosphere but the teams dislike each other even more. And of course they both play in the AL Eastern Division, which makes their games even more important, because they directly effect each other. And of course Hall of Fame players that have played for both franchises, Babe Ruth obviously being the most famous one.

As I've said before, great rivalries only happen between good teams and they are generally great teams. And their games have to be important, not just between the two teams but the division, conference and league they play in. They have to effect Division or Conference Races, making the games important, with all do respect to the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, that wasn't a great rivalry twenty years ago. Falcon-Saints games didn't matter much outside of Atlanta and New Orleans, they do matter today because both franchises are winning at the same time. The Redskins-Cowboys Rivalry wouldn't of been great if neither or only one of them, had a history of winning. I realize the Chicago Cubs St. Louis Cardinals Rivalry is suppose to be great but only the Cardinals have been consistent winners throughout their history. The Cubs are known for losing and blowing big opportunities.

The Yankee-Red Sox is great because you have two franchises that have played each other for over 100 years now. That are fairly close by, where New Yorkers and Bostonians don't like each other to begin with, similar to how New Yorkers and Philadelphians feel about each other. And the Giants-Eagles Rivalry is another great Rivalry for similar reasons and they are both winners with great traditions.