Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, July 15, 2012

AMC: Breaking Bad Season 5- Trailer

Source: AMC
Source: AMC: Breaking Bad Season 5- Trailer

AMC's Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teacher who is probably way too overqualified for that job. Probably should be scientist at NIH or some major lab in the country, but he's a high school chemistry teacher in New Mexico. Played by the great comedian/actor Brian Cranston who played the father on Malcolm in the Middle, as well as the dentist on Seinfeld. Who comes down with lung cancer and is told by his doctor he might have a year or two to live. His prognosis gets better as the show moves along for obvious reasons.

A highly rated show on AMC and they don't want to take the star of the show off and other things. But one of the great things about this show is its timing. A high school chemistry teacher making 40K$ a year with a son and a wife who is a homemaker and they have aother baby on the way. And this show comes on the air right at the start of the Great Recession. wWen no one in the middle class especially lower middle class where money is tight even in good times, is looking to spend money and are losing money, their jobs, their homes, etc. Where even people with money aren't looking to spend it or invest it, because they don't want to lose or not have it later when they need it to pay bills.

So Breaking Bad comes on at the beginning of the Great Recession, where the economy is dropping 7% per quarter, where we are losing 700K jobs per month. And this teacher making 40K$ a year who doesn't have much money to begin with, is now looking at huge medical bills with his cancer treatments with his health insurance only covering so much of that. And now he needs to find a way to save his life essentially, find a way to pay his medical bills so he can get the treatments he needs to save his life.

And Walt ( played by Bryan Cranston ) runs into one his former students Jesse one day. Who I'm guessing dropped out of high school, I don't know that for sure but who is a drug dealer. He deals meth and is looking for a new product to sell and Walt, just happens to be a chemist who knows how to make drugs like this, who also needs thousands of dollars if not more to pay his medical bills and they go into business.

Another ironic and great thing about this show is that Walt's brother in law, his wife's brother. ( Played by Dean Norris ) Who might be as funny as Brian Cranston on this show, is a pretty successful and pretty high ranking DEA agent based in New Mexico and these two guys are like brothers or friends. And Walter White is running his drug business under his family's nose, including his wife and brother in law who also happens to be a DEA agent. This is a very funny, entertaining and even dark show on AMC that moves in all sorts of directions. Because it has a certain desperation factor to it.