Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, July 23, 2012

Interview: Sally Mason, U. of Iowa President: The Process of Handing Down the PSU Sanctions

What the Big Ten Athletic Conference had to do with dealing with the sexual abuse case that was around the Penn State Football Program. Was to figure out the facts of the case and where to go from there and figured out what the Football Program was responsible for in this case, if anything we now know that the Football Program and the Administration was either involved in a coverup or massively failed to supervise their own deputies. To have someone who served as the Defensive Coordinator of this Football Program for thirty years who was successful as well and in Jerry Sandusky. With all the great defenses he had, with all the great defenders that he had, Penn State is nicknamed Linebacker U, because they've produced Linebackers like Matt Millen, Shane Collan and many others. Who went onto to have successful NFL Careers and not to know that their DC was attracted to young boys, to not know what Sandusky was doing while he was at this Program and not coaching. Jerry Sandusky is either the master of disguises or Joe Paterno didn't do a very job of supervising him or there was some coverup involved in this affair.

So what the NCAA and the Big 10 had to do, was to find out what Penn State was guilty of, if anything and to figure out where to go from there. Its clear they are guilty and have acknowledged that and what they'll have the opportunity to do now, since they weren't given the Death Penalty, is to figure out where to go from here, clean up the program. Make sure they have the right rules and are hiring the right people and are supervising those people effectively, so this type of thing never happens again.