Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, July 8, 2012

WCW Four Horsemen: The Elite Group of Pro Wrestling

The Four Horsemen of Pro Wrestling not the group that Teddy Rosseevelt was associated with or anything like that. Was a group of Pro Wrestlers in the old World Championship Wrestling organization, that were in the business of covering the backs of each other. To take apart the competition, they were in the business to make as much money and win as many WCW Championships as possible. That was lead by James Dillon one of the best Wrestling Managers of all time, who put this group together. That was made up Ric Flair, who as far as I'm concern is the best pound for pound Pro Wrestler of all time, 17 time World Heavyweight Champion, this group also has Arn Anders and Tully Blanchard, as well as Ollie Anderson. Ric Flair was like the First Officer of this group, he was the Four Horsemen's Quarterback, Arn Anderson was the Enforcer. The man who was responsible for watching the backs of each member, to beat the competition of each member in the group. Tully Blanchard would a lot of times hold the next Singles Championship to the World Heavyweight Championship, the United States Championship. To prevent Ric Flair from having to wrestle the number one contender. And Ollie Anderson along with Arn Anderson, formed the Minnesota Wrecking Crew.

Keep in mind this is Pro Wrestling but it was so well done, kinda like watching a great action or cop show, or even Soap Opera every week. They produced this act real well, the Four Horsemen were a real group and the people that took them on, like the Road Warriors along with Dusty Roads. The Kollof's and others, really didn't like the Four Horsemen and at times would come together and take one the Horsemen and even beat them at times. Like at events like War Games, Starcade and many others, people like Barry Windham, Sting, Doctor Death Steve Williams and many others. And WCW did a great job of producing a lot of these events and are just one reason why I always preferred the WCW over the World Wrestling Federation, because the WWF never really had groups like this. Bobby Heenan's Family probably being the closest thing they had, but they were a collection of individuals, not a group of men.

Rick Flair classic confrontation the rival of all rivals, that could not only give the Nature Boy a good fight and take it to him. But one of the few wrestlers that actually beat Rick at big events and beat him for the World Championship and beat him on multiple occasions. Which is why the American Dream was always at the top of the Horsemen's Enemies List, because losing to Dusty, meant not only losing championships but losing money as well.