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Life is a Highway
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

FRSDailyPost: NBC News Election Night Coverage 1968: Why The Presidential Election Leaned Towards Richard Nixon

The reason why the 1968 Presidential Election became Richard Nixon's to win, especially after Senator Robert Kennedy died in June that year, was because Dick Nixon saw how divided. The country was, especially over the Vietnam War and was able to position himself in saying that this is not working. And he was able to say this is just an another example of the failed policies of President Lyndon Johnson and its time to change course and I have the plan to do that. Which is why you should vote for me and that Vice President Hubert Humphrey who of course was part of the Johnson Administration. Nixon was able to portray Humphrey as part of the problem, this is not working, even though Dick Nixon was the ultimate establishment figure in American Politics. He was able to portray Hubert Humphrey as part of the establishment and that he meaning Dick Nixon is the alternative. That would fix the problems that they country faces as President and Vice President Humphrey supporting the Vietnam War up until September of 1968. And then he finally backed out of that and his poll numbers went up overnight, which is what made the 1968 Presidential Election as close as it did.

If Hubert Humphrey was still Senator Humphrey in 1968 as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He's probably completely against the Vietnam War and running against it, perhaps even putting pressure on Dick Nixon to take a different position on the Vietnam War. And have to explain what Nixon meant about bringing an "honorable peace" in the Vietnam War and end the War honorably and what his "secret plan" to end the Vietnam War was and all of that. But thats not how this election worked out.

Washington Times Sports: Redskins-Buccaneers: Receivers Battle it Out in Redskins' 30-3 Preseason Win

Redskins-Buccaneers: Receivers battle it out in Redskins' 30-3 preseason win - Washington Times

The Redskins end the preseason on a high note

Washington Times Sports: Nationals-Marlins: Five-game skid ends as Harper powers Nationals over Marlins

Nationals-Marlins: Five-game skid ends as Harper powers Nationals over Marlins - Washington Times

The Nationals get back on the winning track

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FRSDailyPost: NBC News Election Night Coverage 1968: Why 1968 Is Such a Big Deal in American Politics

Th 1968 Presidential Election was one of the closest Presidential Elections in American History. Where the national media didn't know who was going to win going in and probably not even the Nixon Humpfrey Campaigns didn't know who was going to win going in either. Which is what made this election so fascinating, this was also the first election where both parties essentially switched basically. Where the South was no longer the solid South for the Democratic Party, where they started becoming the solid South for the Republican Party. Barry Goldwater opened up the South for the Republicans in 1964 by actually campaigning in some of those States, even though Senator Goldwater lost. Most of the rest of the country but he campaigned in the South and actually won some States in 1964. And Richard Nixon saw the opening there and campaigned for Congressional Republicans in 1966, after 1964 had been a disaster for Congressional Republicans and the GOP picked up a bunch of seats. In both the House and Senate in 1966, as well as 1968 and the GOP finally started putting some big dents in the Congressional Democrats huge majorities in both the House and Senate. These are some of the reasons why the 1968 General Elections are so important.

The Republican Party not only won back the White House for the first time since 1960 in 1968, they finally became players again in Congress. Again for the first time since 1956. Instead of being forced work in coalition with Southern Democrats to block legislation from the Democratic Leadership. And the GOP found a path to not only hold onto power but to increase power and gain additional power, that they picked up in 1980 when they won the White House and Senate in 1980. They accomplished all of this by winning in Dixie.

Washington Times Sports: Marlins Rough up Strasburg, send Nationals to Fifth Straight Loss

Marlins rough up Strasburg, send Nationals to fifth straight loss - Washington Times

Nationals going through a rough stretch but they'll get through it

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FRSDailyPost: ABC News: Saturday Before Start of 1976 Republican Convention

One of the problems with the 1976 Republican National Convention, was that they were divided between two Conservatives. President Gerry Ford and Governor Ron Reagan, President Ford more of an establishment Conservative from the Midwest, someone who was a staunch Fiscal Conservative, if anything more Conservative then Ron Reagan on Fiscal Policy. Who vetoed a lot of spending bills from Congress, because they were too big, who had strong ties to Foreign Policy Conservatives. Who wasn't inline with the Religious Right, who was more of a Goldwater Conservative on Social Issues. Get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms Republican, with probably hurt him with the Religious Right in 1976, because he was Pro Choice. And not inline with the Religious Right and their Social Agenda. And Ron Reagan who was more of a Revolutionary Conservative, also in the Barry Goldwater mold but someone who wanted and did rebuild the entire GOP and make it a real Conservative Party but a Party that could compete nationally. The GOP is much further to the right today, especially on Social Issues but Reagan wanted a real Conservative Party in the GOP. But a party that was anti Big Government across the board.

I believe the GOP was more divided based on style and personality in 1976 rather then politics. And they were divided based on who was best able to advance Conservative Republicanism rather then what direction they should move in ideologically. The Establishment represented by Gerry Ford and the Rebels represented by Ron Reagan but both men were Conservatives. Rather then should the party move left or right ideologically, the party was more divided base on who was best. Fit to advance Conservative Republicanism and they were essentially split dow the line.

Washington Times Sports: HELLER: Nationals Have Foundation to Win Now and Later

HELLER: Nationals have foundation to win now — and later - Washington Times

The Nationals are built to last

Sunday, August 26, 2012

MLB 1986: Rangers @ Angels: Mitch Williams vs Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson should've finished his career in Anaheim where he played on a playoff team. That he had a major role on.

Court TV Crime Stories: John Gotti The Full Story; The Teflon Don who Ran Out of Teflon

John Gotti is someone who could've been pretty successful in life as someone who was not a criminal. Had he finished school and perhaps gone on to college and done well there, he wasn't a dumb man but someone without much of a real school education and dropped out of school very early in life. And decided that he was better off working in the New York Underworld, where he had friends in it and people that could get him work and where he could make fast money. And became very good at that and went from there. He became a career criminal as an adolescent working in the Italian Mafia for the Gambino Family in New York and it went from there. But something he didn't know about the Italian Mafia, that the more quiet you are and the better you are at keeping your business and life secret. The more successful you'll be and the less attention you'll bring to city Police Departments and more importantly the FBI, because if they don't know that you are business with the mob, they'll have nothing to come at you with. This is something that Gambino Boss Paul Castellano understood which is one reason why he was successful and something that John Gotti never understood.

John Gotti was called the Teflon Don, because in the 1980s, the FBI kept bring cases against John Gotti. But the New York US Attorney's Office could never convict Gotti of anything pre 1989-90 and only really were able to nail Gotti at the end because John Gotti's Underboss, his Vice President if you will. Sammy Gravano became a snitch for the US Attorney's Office and FBI and ratted on Gotti and his business in the Gambino Crime Family, John Gotti up until then was always able to keep potential witness's silent. Thanks to Gravano his Lead Hitman but Sammy wasn't going to whack himself to save Big John and saved himself instead, which is how Gotti ended up with a life sentence. John Gotti ruled through intimidation and to a certain extent political skills that he had in the Gambino Family but at the end of the day wasn't able to scare everyone and keep everyone inline.

Again John Gotti could've been very successful in life who built a good family with loving kids and so fourth. Victoria and John JR who have both been successful in life and who aren't mobsters but decided to go a different route and paid a heavy price for it. Ending up living in Solitary Confinement in prison in Indiana dying in a prison hospital. At the age of 62 in 2002 and got what was coming to him.

FBS Midwest 1989: Indiana @ Wisconsin: Anthony Thompson Runs Over The Badgers

Indiana playing Wisconsin before the Barry Alvarez era

FRSDailyView: American Experience The Presidents: Jimmy Carter a Good Man Who Was Out of Place

FRSDailyView: American Experience The Presidents: Jimmy Carter a Good Man Who Was Out of Place

Washington Times Sports: DALY: Redskins keep Training Wheels on RG3 this Preseason

DALY: Redskins keep training wheels on RG3 this preseason - Washington Times

Redskins taking it easy with Robert Griffin

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony (Live Oxegen 2008) (High Quality video)...

One of the best songs of the last ten years

FRSDailyPost: Fridays TV Show (1980 Show: Moving Into the White House: Transition of Power

Back in 1980 President Jimmy Carter lost one of the worst landslide elections than an incumbent President has ever lost. Losing over forty States and just winning 44% of the vote and was about to be unemployed within two months, when Ron Reagan became President. And was about to be one of 10M Americans who were about to be unemployed and Ron Reagan had just won one of the biggest landslide victories. That a Presidential Nominee had ever won over an incumbent President and I guess was a little anxious to become President of the United States, the real story of this Administrative Transition. Going from the Carter Administration of Jimmy Carter, to the Reagan Administration of Ron Reagan, was fairly smooth, Carter kept Reagan up to date with everything they were working on in those last two months. Especially the Iran Hostage Crisis and his Administration was keeping the new Reagan Appointments up to date with what they were doing, where the offices were and so fourth. But President Carter lost such a huge loss and the country was going through a very rough time and if anything ready for President Carter to leave office. Which made this story very easy to make fun of.

Imagine being fired from a job based on cause and your employer has already found your replacement before you were fired. This happens a lot in sports, as well as in politics, when a candidate beats an incumbent and have not just been fired but your employer has told you that you are a failure. They can't continue to allow to have you aboard and its time to get rid of you and they were just waiting for the moment to do that. Thats how Americans felt about President Carter in 1980.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: The Unstoppable Sky Hook

The deadliest weapon in NBA History

Washington Times Sports: Lance Armstrong Banned for Life, Career Vacated

Lance Armstrong banned for life, career vacated - Washington Times

Lance Armstrong getting knocked off top of the mountain

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Basic Economics: Video: Uncommon Knowledge: Peter Robinson Interviewing Milton Friedman on Bill Clinton in 1999

Peter Robinson & Milton Friedman
Basic Economics: Video: Uncommon Knowledge: Peter Robinson Interviewing Milton Friedman on Bill Clinton in 1999

Milton Friedman, made the case that the economy deserves most of the credit for the economic boom of the 1990s. That it was really an economic expansion that started in 1983, when the economy broke out of the 1982-83 recession. But what he doesn’t mention is that was that we had a fairly bad recession in 1990-91 and we had mounting debt and deficits, that we were supposed to still be stuck with ten years later. President H.W. Bush, essentially inherited the recession of the early 1990s, with rising interest and inflation rates as well as unemployment. That he addressed in 1990 with the first of two deficit reduction acts. That included budget cuts, budget caps and tax hikes.

Which President Bush got killed for by right-wingers in the 1992 presidential election and one reason why he got a primary challenge from Pat Buchanan in 1992 as well. President Clinton, inherited a large debt and deficit in 1992, an economy that was growing, but barely, with low job growth, high inflation, interest and unemployment rates. And by the time President Clinton left office in 2001, the economy was booming, with 4.2% unemployment, a falling national debt and the first budget surplus since 1969. President Clinton, of course doesn’t deserve all the credit for this, but he did lay down policies that helped bring this about.

In 1993 alone, President Clinton got through Congress two foreign trade deals. NAFTA and GAT and a deficit reduction act, that had budget cuts and tax hikes on the wealthy. NAFTA and GAT allowed for more American products to be sold in Canada and Mexico, as well as more jobs in America to make those products. The Deficit Reduction Act helped to bring down interest and inflation rates, which lowered prices, so people had more money to spend. Which meant consumer spending went up, which led to higher economic and job growth.

The actual size of the Federal Government went down under President Clinton. Now the Republican Congress’s deserve some credit for that, but that process started under President Clinton during the Democratic Congress of 1993-94. It’s really the private sector that deserves credit for the economic boom of the 1990s. Business’s and workers, but President Clinton deserves credit as well. The economy did take off in the 1980s under President Reagan and the Economic Recovery Act of 1981.

But that the 1983 economic expansion lasted about six years from 1983-89. And the economy started to slide in 1989 and we had a recession in 1990-91. The 1990s was a different period, because information technology took off, creating millions of jobs in that decade. With all sorts of new tech companies, with the internet coming on-line in 1991 or 92, with cell phones becoming common at about this time as well.

Election Night 1972 Coverage CBS News

Was never a question of who was going to win this election but by how much of a landslide. Interesting to see Marijuana Legalization on the ballot in Colorado in 1972, as it will be in 2012 as well.

Washington Times Sports: No injury repeat for Brian Orakpo

No injury repeat for Orakpo - Washington Times

The Redskins need Brian Orakpo in the Regular Season not Preseason

Washington Times Sports: Nationals beat Braves 5-4 in 13 Innings to Extend NL East Lead

Nationals beat Braves 5-4 in 13 innings to extend NL East lead - Washington Times

The Nationals are almost unbeatable when they get offense

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tasty Peach Cobbler: The Army-McCarthy Hearings Documentary

The West with the help of Russia wins World War II and agrees to give Europe the resources that it needs to rebuild themselves after Nazism and what Italian Fascists did to the continent. The West, America and Europe was now somewhat at peace. But in America and Europe you had this huge liberal democracy in America and all of these mid-size developing social democracies in Europe. Against this gigantic totalitarian Communist State in the Soviet Union in Russia. And the two dominant visions of the world because the Liberal Democratic America, versus Communist Russia.

And because of the emergence of the Cold War Americans especially those who perhaps very well-educated about communism became afraid if it. And were worried about communism taking over America and Communists running America. And that is where Senator Joe McCarthy and his allies and colleagues in Congress starting in the House in 1947 with the Un-American Activities Committee. And then in the Senate with Army-McCarthy hearings, emerge to look like they were stamping out Communists in the U.S. Government.

Senator Joe McCarthy becomes a political star very early on, especially as a junior Senator. He becomes Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee in the Senate in 1953 after Republicans win back Congress again. After only being in the Senate for five years. But his political skills at least early on and his power as a speaker gave him a following to move up quickly and a platform to investigate supposed Communists in the U.S. Government. And to look like the strongest anti-Communist around and to advance his political career.

Washington Times Sports: Kirk Cousins Excited to Face Childhood Team

Kirk Cousins excited to face childhood team as Redskins visit Bears - Washington Times

Kirk Cousins has played well so far

Sunday, August 19, 2012

FRSDailyPost: FOX Sports Rick Horrow: MLB Stadium Talk: How To Save The Oakland Athletics

When you think of beautiful great places to visit or live in the California Bay Region. Thats basically made up of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose and the surrounding suburbs, you don't tend to think of Oakland. Even when team comes to play the Oakland teams in Oakland, they tend to stay in San Francisco and hangout when they aren't playing in San Francisco. A city thats not only one of the best and most attractive big cities in the United States but one of the best and most attractive cities period in the United States. A city of about a million people thats more then twice the size of Oakland and not even the biggest city in this region. Actually San Jose has more people then both San Francisco and Oakland and when people think of Oakland a mid size city of 400K people or so. They think of a typical major urban city thats somewhat rundown, with high crime, lousy schools and high poverty and so fourth. All things that Oakland has, that didn't go through the urban renewal, like Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland and other major American cities. But Oakland doesn't have to be this way but for people to come to this city, spend money here and even live here, they have to have reasons to.

Despite all of the urban issues that Oakland faces, its still a great sports town that has three Major League Franchises, the Athletics, Raiders and Warriors. More then both San Francisco and San Jose and all of the Oakland teams play in the City of Oakland. And the Oakland Athletics have had a great history, the 1970s, when they won three World Series, 1973, 74 and 75. They won two American League Championships and a World Series in the 1980s, another American League Championship in 1990 and two Western Division Championships in that decade. They have already made several playoff appearances in this century already and are in contention to make it back to the AL Playoffs this year. This all despite playing in the worst ballpark in Major League Baseball, the Oakland Coliseum, that use to be a beautiful ballpark. But thats now a football stadium for the most part with its size and how far fans are away from the action for baseball games. And most people don't like going to this ballpark for baseball.

One of the reasons why the Athletics don't draw very well at home, is because of their huge ballpark, where the seats aren't very good. Because of how far away they are from the action and the Athletics have been somewhat up and down the last few years. They need a new downtown ballpark in Oakland to save the Oakland Athletics, otherwise they are headed to San Jose, Portland or maybe Las Vegas or maybe even Salt Lake. Because the Athletics won't be able to make enough money in the Oakland Coliseum to be competitive, let alone profitable. They should bring the old Oakland Coliseum back right on the bay, with the outfield being open, meaning no upper deck. Which would be a great setting and for this ballpark overlooking the bay, similar to Pac Bell Park in San Francisco but move the foul territory in so the fans are up close to the action. Why the right number of skyboxes so the club can make the money that it needs. With the big scoreboards and picnic areas of the old Oakland Coliseum and this franchise would be saved.

Oakland Tax Payers shouldn't have to pay this bill of a new Oakland Park, the Athletics should chip in, as well as the fans who go to the game. Which is how Nationals Park was funded in Washington and the City of Oakland to use this new revenue to rebuild this city. Bring in new business's and attractions around the ballpark and the city as a whole, giving people reasons to come to Oakland and spend their money.

ABC Sports: FBS 1989: Illinois @ Southern California

Jeff George could throw the football about as hard as anyone

Washington Times Sports: Redskins’ starters outplayed in preseason loss to Chicago - Washington Times

Redskins’ starters outplayed in preseason loss to Chicago - Washington Times

The Redskins First Unit looked bad on both sides of the ball

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jeff Quitney: Video: Barry Goldwater Speaks Out 1964: Goldwater For President Committee

The Goldwater Presidential Campaign movies might of not have been the most professionally made movies. But they were somewhat ahead of their time, because they were made by the Goldwater Campaign and gave Senator Goldwater the opportunity, 15-20 minutes on network television to layout exactly where he was on the issues and what he wanted to do as President. And to show Americans that he wasn’t crazy. That he wasn’t the person that President Johnson and his campaign were trying to make him look like. As well as other Democrats that were trying to make Senator Goldwater look crazy.

Because Senator Goldwater believed in things like individual freedom and personal responsibility. If I was alive and old enough to vote in 1964, instead of being born eleven years later, I would’ve voted for President Johnson, because of Civil Rights. That he believed individual rights over states rights. Southern Democrats as well as some Republicans in Congress like Barry Goldwater, believed in the opposite. And when President Johnson was against getting American Armed Forces involved in the Vietnam War. Of course that changed later in 1965. But in 1964 President Johnson was the peace candidate, but Senator Goldwater wasn’t crazy. But a Classical Conservative who believed in individual freedom.

This film of course is a propaganda film by the Goldwater Campaign. An opportunity for them to layout where he is. Get out the message of what they want Americans to think about Barry Goldwater. And not hear the other side, but this film does give people an idea of where Barry Goldwater was politically. That he believed in individual freedom and personal responsibility. Peace Through Strength, that his foreign policy of course would’ve been different from President Johnson.

Senator Goldwater would’ve taken a much harder approach to the Vietnam War and would’ve not only had sent American troops there, but we would’ve been there to win the war, even for Vietnam itself. Which I believe would’ve been a very bad mistake, because that would’ve left us there to occupy that country, similar to Iraq. But with a President Goldwater we wouldn’t have seen the Great Society and perhaps more of a free market approach to solve those problems.

I would’ve love to of seen a presidential debate between President Johnson and Senator Goldwater. It wouldn’t have been an interesting as a presidential debate between Barry and President Kennedy. But it still would’ve been a very good debate, because we would’ve seen both men as they are. Rather than how the media portrays them and Americans would’ve had a clear choice in who to vote for.


I would like to see this full documentary in the future

Friday, August 17, 2012

CR Video: 1980 Reagan/Bush Commercial- Door Slam

Source: CR Video-
Source: CR Video: 1980 Reagan/Bush Commercial- Door Slam

The commercial tries to make it appear that the economy in 1976 was doing well or okay. When the fact is the economy was already weakening by the time Jimmy Carter became President in 1977. But the economy did get worse in the next four years. Its just not as if President Carter inherited a strong economy. Inflation, high interest rates, high unemployment, wages flattening, high energy costs, were a big part of the 1974-75 recession in America and remained part of the 1976 Gerry Ford recovery under President Gerry Ford and his administration. If you remember the 1976 Ford Presidential Campaign slogan, "whip inflation now." Which didn't come over very well and you don't use a slogan like that saying whip inflation now, if high inflation isn't part of your economic situation and your economy is strong. President Carter inherited a economy that wasn't growing very well and had high energy costs, as well as well as high inflation. And what happened under the Carter Administration is that situation just got worst. But President Carter didn't inherit a strong economy at all. Which is what this ad is implying that things under President Gerry Ford were going well and then it suddenly went bad under President Jimmy Carter. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Representative Paul Ryan: "Conservative of the Year" And Look Ahead": What Paul Ryan Bring to The Table

As much as Representative Paul Ryan brings to the table for Governor Mitt Romney as it relates to Economic Conservatives in the Republican Party. He'll be just as big of a drag for Independent Voters with the Ryan Plan, that Democrats can't wait to remind people of, I'm one of those Democrats looking forward to doing that. As well as some elements of the Tea Party that once they read the Ryan Plan and a lot of them have already have, will see that a lot of the talk about Deficit Reduction. Is just that talk, it has things in there like caps on Domestic Spending and that sorta thing but except for some Public Assistance programs, doesn't have any real cuts in it. It reforms Medicare by turning it into a Voucher Program but those reforms don't take effect until 2023, by the time Paul Ryan. If he were ever elected Vice President this year and thats a huge if as we are already seeing and will see in the next few weeks. After a Vice President Ryan would have left office, assuming and again a big assumption that Mitt Romney gets elected and then reelected President. Paul Ryan does nothing for Governor Romney as far as appealing to Culture Warriors in the GOP, who were already suspicious of Mitt Romney for not being a Culture Warrior. And some of these people are in the Tea Party.

So Representative Paul Ryan even as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, doesn't have a real plan to deal with the long term debt and deficit. Is not a Culture Warrior, has a Medicare Reform plan that could hurt Mitt Romney in places like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Wisconsin Paul Ryan's home State. Perhaps even in Ryan's home House District, where Barack Obama won by ten points in 2008 and Governor Romney has already said that he likes that plan. Even though he would write his own Federal Budget as President but its hard to believe that his own Vice President wouldn't way in on that. Especially as the former Chairman of the House Budget Committee and its hard to believe that Representative Ryan would take the job as Vice President. Knowing that he wouldn't be involved in key budget issues especially with his economic background. And what we'll see in 2012 with the GOP Ticket, is a Ticket that won't have a Culture Warrior on it, unlike 2008 so there are some serious flaws here for this Ticket.

There is no such thing as a perfect Presidential Candidate, every single one of them that ever ran for President, has had serious flaws. That the opposition has tried to exploit and when you are running for President and already have the party nomination. The idea is to pick a running mate that backs up whatever strengths that you have and makes up for whatever weakness's you have. An outsider running with an insider, well this ticket has that, economics to go along with Foreign Policy, this ticket doesn't have that. An Executive with a Legislature, this ticket has that and other then a few things like that, except for Economic Conservatives that Mitt Romney was already going to win anyway. Paul Ryan doesn't bring him a lot of assets.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

FRSDailyPost: A Football Life Bill Belichick: The Madd Scientist of Pro Football

When I look at Bill Belichick I see what exactly a genius, a madd genius even is, someone whose at the top of his profession. Considered not only one of the top three Head Coaches as well as General Managers in the NFL today but one of the best all time at both roles. This is Bob Krafts franchise, the New England Patriots but the Bill Belichick runs this team and those players work for him and he decides who stays and goes. And he has this great ability to not only know what type of team he wants but what type of players he needs to be on that team and how and where to get those players. When you think of teams, think of Bill Belichick because thats what he does, thats what he builds and thats what he runs. The old expression the team is bigger then any one player, that Bill Belichick, that we are only as good as our weakest link, thats Bill Belichick. That we are only as strong as the sum of all of our parts, thats Bill Belichick, now he's not the author of any of these lines. But thats Bill Belichick's philosophy, thats what he lives by and thats how he runs his teams and If I had to guess, probably how he manages his life as well.

Instead of getting a bunch of great players and seeing if they can fit into one pot and be able to come together and be successful. How about we get a bunch of good players and have a great team based on all of the very good players and depth that we have, that can come together and play together. In Bill Belichick's system, that instead of having a few great players that make up most the payroll, instead lets get a bunch of good players. And pay them well but not to the point where we don't have the room to make adjustments when we need to. Thats Bill Belichick and thats the New England Patriots the last ten years. The Patriots have won the most Super Bowls the last ten years and are one of just two franchises that have won at least two Super Bowls in this time period. The Pittsburgh Steelers being the only other franchise to do this and why is that, it wasn't done by accident, remember the Patriots were one of the worst teams in the league when he got there in 2000. And they were 5-11 in his first season and of course they won their first Super Bowl in 2001.

Bill Belichick took over one of the worst teams in 2000 and by 2003 they were one of the best, having not only won their first Super Bowl. But about to win their first in back to back Super Bowl Championships, in 2003-04 and again not by accident. He didn't go after every big time Free Agent after or trade the store away to get a few great players. But this is what I have to work with and these are the players that can help us win in the future. Lets get rid of everybody else, get most of the rest of the players that we need through the NFL Draft. And sign some key Free Agents that puts us over the top and makes us Super Bowl Champions in the future. Thats Bill Belichick.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bill McCune: Barry Goldwater- An American Life

Anyone whose not as familiar with American Conservatism as much as they would like to be and would like to learn more about American Conservatism, I have some suggestions on how to do that. Stop watching Fox News or using it as a main source of info, because it’s really mostly neoconservative commentary. And don’t read publications that claim to be Conservative but are really Neoconservative. Big Government Republicanism, like Commentary or Human Events. Unless you are interested in neoconservatism. But if you are really interested in learning about American Conservatism, research Barry Goldwater because that’s what it’s about. Read the book Conscience of a Conservative that was written by Senator Goldwater in 1960. That book lays out the conservative vision for America.

American Conservatism is about freedom and Americans being able to live independently of the state, especially the Federal Government. As far as being able to pay our own bills, our living expense and so forth. And that Americans should be able to live their own lives as they see fit as long as we are not hurting innocent people with what we are doing. Senator Goldwater even believed in the right to collectively bargain, just as long as workers weren’t forced to join labor unions. Barry Goldwater’s politics didn’t change as some Republicans and others have charged today. The Republican Party has changed to the point that Senator Goldwater couldn’t win the Republican nomination for President today.

Thats how far to the Right the party has moved. When Senator Goldwater left Congress in 1987, the Republican Party was still the Conservative Party in America. Now it’s probably the farthest right party that we have in America and that’s different. Barry probably could win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. Even though they probably wouldn’t of liked his foreign policy views. Senator Goldwater wasn’t an isolationist, but other than that he would’ve fit in very well with the LP. And they would’ve taken him. But the Religious-Right would’ve tried to kick Senator Goldwater, Mr. Conservative out of the GOP.

Barry was a real Conservative. Senator Goldwater wasn’t interested in things like homosexuality and pornography, he had a gay grandson. And his famous line about Gays in the military, was that he didn’t care if soldiers were gay or straight, but could they shoot straight. He also said that the religion doesn’t belong in politics as it relates to policy and that abortion isn’t a political issue. But freedom of choice issue. And that he didn’t want Big Government in his wallet or bedroom. All reasons why he wouldn’t fit into the Republican Party today.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brian Billick: Washington Redskins 2012 Preseason Report: Previewing The 2012 Redskins

As a die hard Washington Redskins fan going into my 31st season as a Redskin fan, I started very early in life with football. I'm somewhat cautiously optimistic about the Redskins this year, they had a good draft in April, as well as Free Agency period. Managed not to sign Peyton Manning which I believe was a disaster waiting to happen but I hope for the best for him Denver, even though I'm not expecting it. The Redskins did sign a couple of solid receivers in Pierre Garcone from Indianapolis and Josh Morgan from San Francisco. I was hoping they would've went after a number one goto WR, so they could make Santana Moss their primary deep threat which would be a big help for their running game and Offensive Line. Rookie QB Robert don't call him Bob Griffin has a big arm, so that would've been interesting but they have a Pro Bowl caliber TE in Fred Davis, as well as TE/FB in Chris Cooley. So Griffin will have plenty of people to throw to, the question is whether he'll have the time to get them the ball. Will the Redskins be able to protect him and run the ball, something they didn't do a very good job of protecting QB's last year. With all the injuries they had up front.

I'm not expecting the Redskins to make the NFC Playoffs or even have a winning record in 2012. They do have solid players on offense and their defense should be towards the top again in 2012. The question is whether they'll be able to cut down on all of the big plays they gave up in 2012, just play solid hard hitting intelligent defense, instead of always looking for the big play. They have the players to do this but also they'll still have a rookie QB in Robert Griffin, whose not coming from an NFL Style Offense at Baylor, more of a Spread Option Offense. Which sounds very technical but nobody really runs that offense in the NFL. And Griffin is going to have to learn a new offense, and NFL Offense under Mike Shanahan, with Zone Running game and the West Coast Passing game. Which is something he could definitely do but the question is how well will he be able to do that this year for the Redskins to have a good year.

2012 will be about for the Redskins, how quickly will Robert Griffin develop for the Redskins to contend for the NFC Playoffs this year. How will the Redskins be able to protect him, by Pass Blocking and running the ball and how will the defense play, so they don't have to put all the pressure on Griffin. I believe the Redskins can answer these questions successfully and get to 8-9 wins that will put them in contention for the NFC Playoffs. I'm just not ready to predict that they will.