Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ABC News: 1972 Election Night Coverage- ABC News

Source: ABC News-
Source: ABC News: 1972 Election Coverage

As big as President Nixon's victory was, it didn't do him much good in Congress in electing more House and Senate Republicans. Washington Post political columnist David Broder in a 1990 PBS documentary about Richard Nixon, called Richard Nixon's 1972 reelection a selfish victory. Because the Nixon Campaign hoard all the recourses from the Republican National Committee into the Nixon Reelect. When the fact was President Nixon would have beaten Far-Lef Democratic nominee Senator George McGovern in a landslide anyway. Maybe not with 49 states and 60 percent of the vote, but if they ran a normal campaign Nixon beats McGovern anyway with probably 55% percent or more of the electorate and would have won 40 plus states. And that would have freed up resources to the Republican Congressional campaign committees in the House and Senate. And maybe Republicans win back the House or Senate,. but would have certainly increased their numbers there in a big way. And perhaps saved the Nixon Presidency in 1974, because he would have the political support in Congress to protect him from impeachment and then later conviction because of Watergate.