Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brian Billick: Washington Redskins 2012 Preseason Report: Previewing The 2012 Redskins

As a die hard Washington Redskins fan going into my 31st season as a Redskin fan, I started very early in life with football. I'm somewhat cautiously optimistic about the Redskins this year, they had a good draft in April, as well as Free Agency period. Managed not to sign Peyton Manning which I believe was a disaster waiting to happen but I hope for the best for him Denver, even though I'm not expecting it. The Redskins did sign a couple of solid receivers in Pierre Garcone from Indianapolis and Josh Morgan from San Francisco. I was hoping they would've went after a number one goto WR, so they could make Santana Moss their primary deep threat which would be a big help for their running game and Offensive Line. Rookie QB Robert don't call him Bob Griffin has a big arm, so that would've been interesting but they have a Pro Bowl caliber TE in Fred Davis, as well as TE/FB in Chris Cooley. So Griffin will have plenty of people to throw to, the question is whether he'll have the time to get them the ball. Will the Redskins be able to protect him and run the ball, something they didn't do a very good job of protecting QB's last year. With all the injuries they had up front.

I'm not expecting the Redskins to make the NFC Playoffs or even have a winning record in 2012. They do have solid players on offense and their defense should be towards the top again in 2012. The question is whether they'll be able to cut down on all of the big plays they gave up in 2012, just play solid hard hitting intelligent defense, instead of always looking for the big play. They have the players to do this but also they'll still have a rookie QB in Robert Griffin, whose not coming from an NFL Style Offense at Baylor, more of a Spread Option Offense. Which sounds very technical but nobody really runs that offense in the NFL. And Griffin is going to have to learn a new offense, and NFL Offense under Mike Shanahan, with Zone Running game and the West Coast Passing game. Which is something he could definitely do but the question is how well will he be able to do that this year for the Redskins to have a good year.

2012 will be about for the Redskins, how quickly will Robert Griffin develop for the Redskins to contend for the NFC Playoffs this year. How will the Redskins be able to protect him, by Pass Blocking and running the ball and how will the defense play, so they don't have to put all the pressure on Griffin. I believe the Redskins can answer these questions successfully and get to 8-9 wins that will put them in contention for the NFC Playoffs. I'm just not ready to predict that they will.