Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CBS News: Election Night 1972 Coverage

Source: CBS News- Walter Cronkite-
Source: CBS News: Election Night 1972 Coverage

Was never a question of who was going to win this election, but by how much of a landslide. Interesting to see marijuana legalization on the ballot in Colorado in 1972, as it will be in 2012 as well. Washington Post columnist David Broder, called President Richard Nixon's 1972 reelection victory a selfish victory. You see that quote for yourself on the PBS film about Richard Nixon which is also on YouTube. What Broder was saying was that President Nixon tied up all the Republican Party resources to his reelection his campaign. And again it was never a question of how much President Nixon would defeat Senator George McGovern the Democratic nominee for president who was a Far-Left candidate and the Bernie Sanders of him time.

But by how much would President Nixon beat Senator McGovern. Had the Nixon Campaign invested some of their overwhelming resources into Congressional Republicans and spend money on House and Senate Republican candidates and incumbents, maybe President Nixon is reelected with 55-57 percent of the vote, instead of 60. But with President Nixon running with House and Senate Republicans, maybe the GOP picks up a lot of seats in both chambers of Congress and perhaps even wins back the House or Senate in 1972. Instead of President Nixon winning with an overwhelming landslide, but with Congressional Democrats still having solid majorities both in the House and Senate.