Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Warner Music: Fleetwood Mac- Don't Stop Live

Source: Warner Music
Source: Warner Music: Fleetwood Max- Don't Stop, Live

The official song of the 1992 Clinton presidential campaign. Great message to the song if you think about ( I know, thinking is scary if your'e not accustomed to it ) because it was the official song of not just a major presidential campaign, but the campaign that won the election, that wasn't even expected to win a Democratic primary in 1992. ( Outside of Arkansas ) "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, because tomorrow will always be better if that is what you strive, push and work for." I'm sure that is not a direct quote from Fleetwood Mac from this song, but it's damn close. Full speed ahead, no regrets, tomorrow will always be better, decisions that you don't make today, opportunities that you pass up, may never be around again. A very idealistic message for a national political campaign where almost nothing was expected from it other than the two people at the top of the campaign those people being Bill and Hillary Clinton.