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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FRSDailyPost: ABC News: Saturday Before Start of 1976 Republican Convention

One of the problems with the 1976 Republican National Convention, was that they were divided between two Conservatives. President Gerry Ford and Governor Ron Reagan, President Ford more of an establishment Conservative from the Midwest, someone who was a staunch Fiscal Conservative, if anything more Conservative then Ron Reagan on Fiscal Policy. Who vetoed a lot of spending bills from Congress, because they were too big, who had strong ties to Foreign Policy Conservatives. Who wasn't inline with the Religious Right, who was more of a Goldwater Conservative on Social Issues. Get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms Republican, with probably hurt him with the Religious Right in 1976, because he was Pro Choice. And not inline with the Religious Right and their Social Agenda. And Ron Reagan who was more of a Revolutionary Conservative, also in the Barry Goldwater mold but someone who wanted and did rebuild the entire GOP and make it a real Conservative Party but a Party that could compete nationally. The GOP is much further to the right today, especially on Social Issues but Reagan wanted a real Conservative Party in the GOP. But a party that was anti Big Government across the board.

I believe the GOP was more divided based on style and personality in 1976 rather then politics. And they were divided based on who was best able to advance Conservative Republicanism rather then what direction they should move in ideologically. The Establishment represented by Gerry Ford and the Rebels represented by Ron Reagan but both men were Conservatives. Rather then should the party move left or right ideologically, the party was more divided base on who was best. Fit to advance Conservative Republicanism and they were essentially split dow the line.