Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, August 19, 2012

FRSDailyPost: FOX Sports Rick Horrow: MLB Stadium Talk: How To Save The Oakland Athletics

When you think of beautiful great places to visit or live in the California Bay Region. Thats basically made up of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose and the surrounding suburbs, you don't tend to think of Oakland. Even when team comes to play the Oakland teams in Oakland, they tend to stay in San Francisco and hangout when they aren't playing in San Francisco. A city thats not only one of the best and most attractive big cities in the United States but one of the best and most attractive cities period in the United States. A city of about a million people thats more then twice the size of Oakland and not even the biggest city in this region. Actually San Jose has more people then both San Francisco and Oakland and when people think of Oakland a mid size city of 400K people or so. They think of a typical major urban city thats somewhat rundown, with high crime, lousy schools and high poverty and so fourth. All things that Oakland has, that didn't go through the urban renewal, like Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cleveland and other major American cities. But Oakland doesn't have to be this way but for people to come to this city, spend money here and even live here, they have to have reasons to.

Despite all of the urban issues that Oakland faces, its still a great sports town that has three Major League Franchises, the Athletics, Raiders and Warriors. More then both San Francisco and San Jose and all of the Oakland teams play in the City of Oakland. And the Oakland Athletics have had a great history, the 1970s, when they won three World Series, 1973, 74 and 75. They won two American League Championships and a World Series in the 1980s, another American League Championship in 1990 and two Western Division Championships in that decade. They have already made several playoff appearances in this century already and are in contention to make it back to the AL Playoffs this year. This all despite playing in the worst ballpark in Major League Baseball, the Oakland Coliseum, that use to be a beautiful ballpark. But thats now a football stadium for the most part with its size and how far fans are away from the action for baseball games. And most people don't like going to this ballpark for baseball.

One of the reasons why the Athletics don't draw very well at home, is because of their huge ballpark, where the seats aren't very good. Because of how far away they are from the action and the Athletics have been somewhat up and down the last few years. They need a new downtown ballpark in Oakland to save the Oakland Athletics, otherwise they are headed to San Jose, Portland or maybe Las Vegas or maybe even Salt Lake. Because the Athletics won't be able to make enough money in the Oakland Coliseum to be competitive, let alone profitable. They should bring the old Oakland Coliseum back right on the bay, with the outfield being open, meaning no upper deck. Which would be a great setting and for this ballpark overlooking the bay, similar to Pac Bell Park in San Francisco but move the foul territory in so the fans are up close to the action. Why the right number of skyboxes so the club can make the money that it needs. With the big scoreboards and picnic areas of the old Oakland Coliseum and this franchise would be saved.

Oakland Tax Payers shouldn't have to pay this bill of a new Oakland Park, the Athletics should chip in, as well as the fans who go to the game. Which is how Nationals Park was funded in Washington and the City of Oakland to use this new revenue to rebuild this city. Bring in new business's and attractions around the ballpark and the city as a whole, giving people reasons to come to Oakland and spend their money.