Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lottoman 17: Fridays TV Show 1980- Moving Into The White House

Source: Lottoman 17-
Source: Lottoman 17: Fridays TV Show 1980- Moving Into The White House

Back in 1980 President Jimmy Carter lost one of the worst landslide elections than an incumbent President has ever lost. Losing over forty States and just winning 44% of the vote and was about to be unemployed within two months, when Ron Reagan became President. And was about to be one of 10 million Americans who were about to be unemployed and Ron Reagan had just won one of the biggest landslide victories that a presidential nominee had ever won over an incumbent President.

So Ron Reagan guess was a little anxious to become President of the United States. The real story of this administrative transition going from the Carter Administration of Jimmy Carter, to the Reagan Administration of Ron Reagan, was fairly smooth. Carter kept Reagan up to date with everything they were working on in those last two months. Especially the Iran Hostage Crisis and his Administration was keeping the new Reagan appointments up to date with what they were doing, where the offices were and so-forth. But President Carter lost such a huge loss and the country was going through a very rough time and if anything ready for President Carter to leave office. Which made this story very easy to make fun of.

Imagine being fired from a job based on cause and your employer has already found your replacement before you were fired. This happens a lot in sports, as well as in politics, when a candidate beats an incumbent and have not just been fired but your employer has told you that you are a failure. They can't continue to allow to have you aboard and its time to get rid of you and they were just waiting for the moment to do that. Thats how Americans felt about President Carter in 1980.