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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

FRSDailyPost: NBC News Election Night Coverage 1968: Why The Presidential Election Leaned Towards Richard Nixon

The reason why the 1968 Presidential Election became Richard Nixon's to win, especially after Senator Robert Kennedy died in June that year, was because Dick Nixon saw how divided. The country was, especially over the Vietnam War and was able to position himself in saying that this is not working. And he was able to say this is just an another example of the failed policies of President Lyndon Johnson and its time to change course and I have the plan to do that. Which is why you should vote for me and that Vice President Hubert Humphrey who of course was part of the Johnson Administration. Nixon was able to portray Humphrey as part of the problem, this is not working, even though Dick Nixon was the ultimate establishment figure in American Politics. He was able to portray Hubert Humphrey as part of the establishment and that he meaning Dick Nixon is the alternative. That would fix the problems that they country faces as President and Vice President Humphrey supporting the Vietnam War up until September of 1968. And then he finally backed out of that and his poll numbers went up overnight, which is what made the 1968 Presidential Election as close as it did.

If Hubert Humphrey was still Senator Humphrey in 1968 as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He's probably completely against the Vietnam War and running against it, perhaps even putting pressure on Dick Nixon to take a different position on the Vietnam War. And have to explain what Nixon meant about bringing an "honorable peace" in the Vietnam War and end the War honorably and what his "secret plan" to end the Vietnam War was and all of that. But thats not how this election worked out.