Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, August 13, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: Representative Paul Ryan: "Conservative of the Year" And Look Ahead": What Paul Ryan Bring to The Table

As much as Representative Paul Ryan brings to the table for Governor Mitt Romney as it relates to Economic Conservatives in the Republican Party. He'll be just as big of a drag for Independent Voters with the Ryan Plan, that Democrats can't wait to remind people of, I'm one of those Democrats looking forward to doing that. As well as some elements of the Tea Party that once they read the Ryan Plan and a lot of them have already have, will see that a lot of the talk about Deficit Reduction. Is just that talk, it has things in there like caps on Domestic Spending and that sorta thing but except for some Public Assistance programs, doesn't have any real cuts in it. It reforms Medicare by turning it into a Voucher Program but those reforms don't take effect until 2023, by the time Paul Ryan. If he were ever elected Vice President this year and thats a huge if as we are already seeing and will see in the next few weeks. After a Vice President Ryan would have left office, assuming and again a big assumption that Mitt Romney gets elected and then reelected President. Paul Ryan does nothing for Governor Romney as far as appealing to Culture Warriors in the GOP, who were already suspicious of Mitt Romney for not being a Culture Warrior. And some of these people are in the Tea Party.

So Representative Paul Ryan even as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, doesn't have a real plan to deal with the long term debt and deficit. Is not a Culture Warrior, has a Medicare Reform plan that could hurt Mitt Romney in places like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Wisconsin Paul Ryan's home State. Perhaps even in Ryan's home House District, where Barack Obama won by ten points in 2008 and Governor Romney has already said that he likes that plan. Even though he would write his own Federal Budget as President but its hard to believe that his own Vice President wouldn't way in on that. Especially as the former Chairman of the House Budget Committee and its hard to believe that Representative Ryan would take the job as Vice President. Knowing that he wouldn't be involved in key budget issues especially with his economic background. And what we'll see in 2012 with the GOP Ticket, is a Ticket that won't have a Culture Warrior on it, unlike 2008 so there are some serious flaws here for this Ticket.

There is no such thing as a perfect Presidential Candidate, every single one of them that ever ran for President, has had serious flaws. That the opposition has tried to exploit and when you are running for President and already have the party nomination. The idea is to pick a running mate that backs up whatever strengths that you have and makes up for whatever weakness's you have. An outsider running with an insider, well this ticket has that, economics to go along with Foreign Policy, this ticket doesn't have that. An Executive with a Legislature, this ticket has that and other then a few things like that, except for Economic Conservatives that Mitt Romney was already going to win anyway. Paul Ryan doesn't bring him a lot of assets.