Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, August 18, 2012

HBO: Rare 1988 HBO Undercover- Mafia Documentary On NJ Genovese Crime Family

Source: HBO-
Source: HBO: Rare 1988 HBO Undercover- Mafia Documentary on NJ Genovese Crime Family

The Genovese Crime Family, is one of five New York City Italian-American crime families. The entire Genovese Family obviously aren't criminals and mobsters and I'm not even implying that. So that is not about ethnic bigotry towards Italian-Americans. The crime family was renamed after Italian mobster Vito Genovese. This crime family was run by Charlie Lucky Lucianao, who originally was from Italy, later run  by Vincent Gigante. The Genovese's are the largest of the New York five crime families. The Genovese's obviously, the Gambino's, the Columbo's, Bonnanno's, and the Lucchese's.

The Genovese's similar to other crime families whether they're Italian, Irish, or Jewish, operated like successful businesses. Except their tactics and policies were illegal. The way they would eliminate the opposition was to eliminate them. Make sure they didn't exist if and when they saw potential rivals as a threat and believed it was in their interest to physically eliminate them. You don't screw over the Genovese's and then see them report you to the police. You screw with them and they'll simply eliminate you by physically eliminating you. One of the big reasons why New Jersey has such a bad reputation as being a corrupt state, is because of the influence of the Genovese's and other Italian crime families in New Jersey. They were very powerful and owned politicians and sometimes states.