Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, August 17, 2012

CR Video: 1980 Reagan/Bush Commercial- Door Slam

Source: CR Video-
Source: CR Video: 1980 Reagan/Bush Commercial- Door Slam

The commercial tries to make it appear that the economy in 1976 was doing well or okay. When the fact is the economy was already weakening by the time Jimmy Carter became President in 1977. But the economy did get worse in the next four years. Its just not as if President Carter inherited a strong economy. Inflation, high interest rates, high unemployment, wages flattening, high energy costs, were a big part of the 1974-75 recession in America and remained part of the 1976 Gerry Ford recovery under President Gerry Ford and his administration. If you remember the 1976 Ford Presidential Campaign slogan, "whip inflation now." Which didn't come over very well and you don't use a slogan like that saying whip inflation now, if high inflation isn't part of your economic situation and your economy is strong. President Carter inherited a economy that wasn't growing very well and had high energy costs, as well as well as high inflation. And what happened under the Carter Administration is that situation just got worst. But President Carter didn't inherit a strong economy at all. Which is what this ad is implying that things under President Gerry Ford were going well and then it suddenly went bad under President Jimmy Carter.