Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Battle Cry For Freedom: Ronald Reagan- Peace Through Strength: 1980 Campaign Commercial

Source: Battle Cry For Freedom-
Source: Battle Cry For Freedom: Ronald Reagan- Peace Through Strength: 1980 Campaign Commercial

This looks similar to a 1968 Nixon For President ad where Richard Nixon saw a country coming apart because of the Vietnam War and how the country was so divided on that. And to a certain extent America looks weak as a result, in the late 1970s and 1980, because of Russia invading Afghanistan which at the time was an American ally and the Carter Administration looking like they were unable or unwilling to do much about that and then the Iranian Hostage Crisis happens right before the Afghan invasion in late 1979 and the Carter Administration looking somewhat paralyzed and not able to effectively deal with Iran on that.

And the weak economy with the high inflation, high interest rates, millions of Americans out-of-work, the recession of 1979-80, America just looks very weak during this period.

And you have Ronald Reagan former two-term Governor of California and a very popular one that comes in and says he has a plan to return America to it's greatness and a time and we were dominant. And saying the only way we can establish peace in the world is for America to be strong both economically and militarily. So no other country would even try to threaten us because of what we would be able to do in response. 

Scott Brown MA: Let America Be America Again

Source: Scott Brown MA-
Source: Scott Brown MA: Let America Be America Again

If control of the Senate comes down to who wins the Massachusetts Senate race, then of course as a Liberal Democrat I'm going to support Elisabeth Warren. Even if she's the Bernie Sanders of Massachusetts, perhaps the only admitted Democratic Socialist in Congress. Not the only one, just the only admitted Democratic Socialist in Congress, representing Vermont in the Senate. Or perhaps even the Socialist Republic of Vermont, if you look at the politics up there.

But if this race is just about who I prefer to win this race, as a Marylander who has no vote in this race, I prefer Senator Scott Brown politically and perhaps culturally. A solid Liberal or even Conservative (in the classical sense) on social issues and civil liberties, as well as a real fiscal conservative. A real fiscal conservative who believes that no matter what government is doing, that it's only doing for the people, what they can't do for themselves. And it's doing it as efficiently as possible and that includes the whole government , including defense.

Scott Brown a real fiscal conservative, that expects the best bang out of all of our tax dollars. As opposed to some of the fake fiscal conservatives in the Tea Party, that believes there's no such thing as waste in the 700B$ defense budget and that there's never a time to cut the defense budget. Senator Scott Brown is not a Tea Party Republican, but more of a Goldwater/Reagan Republican. Who doesn't come off as an elitist, but someone that can connect with working class people. Which is how Ron Reagan was able to win over Blue-Collar Democrats.

Senator Brown is a get government out of our boardrooms and bedrooms Republican. That government shouldn't be controlling how Americans live their lives, unlike the current Tea Party. This is not Rick Santorum, even though they have similar appeal to Blue-Collar Republicans, but again a Northeastern Republican, who is politically similar to someone like Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan, Bill Buckley perhaps. But probably not quite as libertarian as Bill Buckley.

Senator Brown is not a big government Neoconservative, who puts national security and there version of national morality, over civil liberties and personal freedom, like Rick Santorum. Vs a JFK Liberal Democrat, in this Senate race. But more like Ron Reagan, or Olympia Snowe, (Senator from Maine) vs George McGovern or Dennis Kucinich, in Elizabeth Warren. And Scott Brown represents the best of what the GOP use to be and what they have to get back to, to remain a major political party.

Someone who says that America is for everyone that represents the best for America and who is productive, will work hard support our rule of law, etc, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender. Instead of tribalist who says that their form of America and their factions of Americans are the real American patriots and everyone else are invaders to their America. Scott Brown is not a Pat Buchanan Republican but more like a Northeastern Classical Conservative who wants individual freedom for all Americans.

FOX News: Geraldo Rivera: Inside Monica Lewinsky's $12M Tell-All

Monica probably needs the money

Washington Times: Quips, Gaffes and Stumbles: Debates Have History of Memorable Moments

Quips, gaffes and stumbles: Debates have history of memorable moments - Washington Times

These are some of the things that make these Presidential Debates entertaining

Saturday, September 29, 2012

NFL Films: The Very Best of the Kardiac Kids

The Kardiac Kids were very good regular season teams but not strong enough on defense to be a serious Super Bowl Contender. Losing in playoffs in both 1979 and 80 to better stronger teams, that were more balance and better on defense. Bill Curtis: Watergate, Reasons Behind The Burglary

The reasons for the Watergate Scandal, had to do with the paranoia of the Nixon White House, President Nixon. As far as we know didn't order the Watergate Burglary but he did establish this type of culture, where actions like this, as legal and Unconstitutional as they were. Were acceptable if there were a National Security reason behind them and the more intelligence that we have. Against our enemies, that are trying to destroy America, as they see it, that was reason enough to do things like that, even if that means breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters. A party at the time that was in debt, because they knew they were probably going to lose a landslide in the Presidential Election but that you could never get enough solid intelligence. About the opposition, this was the mindset of the Nixon White House, us against them, American vs Un American, you are either with us or against us, no middle ground or compromise. And so fourth and is what led to the fall of the Nixon Administration, where several of its key Leaders ended up doing time in Prison.

FOX Sports: Full Count: Ken Rosenthal: Rocky Mountain Low

How far the Rockies have fallen in just a few years

Washington Times Sports: Wizards G John Wall Out 8 Weeks With Knee Injury

Wizards G John Wall out 8 weeks with knee injury - Washington Times

This could be a real sore spot in the Wizards season, no pun intended

Friday, September 28, 2012

FOX Sports: Coach Speak: Brian Billick: Giants-Eagles Matchup

One of the best rivalries in the NFL, if not sports all together but I like the New York Giants by a couple touchdowns over the Philadelphia Eagles in this game. Interesting game for me as a Redskin fan, because I hate both teams and will get to see them beat each other up.

CBS Sports: NBA 1977: WC Playoffs, Game 6: Kareem 43 Points

No question who the Leader of this Lakers team was

Washington Times Sports: SNYDER: Wizards Need to Conjure Up a Potion For Relevance

SNYDER: Wizards need to conjure up a potion for relevance - Washington Times

Thanks to the Wizards, Washington hasn't been much of a basketball town really since the late 1980s. Because they've been awful for the most part in the last twenty years, which is a shame, because Washington is a big and great sports market. That would love to have a good basketball team to go along with their good hockey team, in the winter and spring.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

FOX Sports: Ken Rosenthal: Tony La Russa's Life After Managing

Next stop the Hall of Fame for Tony La Russa, unless he gets back into managing, which might happen. Because he's a brilliant guy who loves to manage.

Washington Times Sports: Ernie Grunfeld sees Wizards Picking up Where They Left Off

Ernie Grunfeld sees Wizards picking up where they left off - Washington Times

Hopefully the kind of improvement the Wizards show in 2013, will result in wins and be an indicator that the Wizards. Are head in the right direction.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Washington Examiner: Giant Panda Cub Dies

This is so sad that a Teddy Bear like this would die

Sports With Coleman: Video: Ray Lewis On The Ravens Victory Over The New England Patriots

The Ravens showed up like professionals Sunday Night and despite Torry Smith's family tragedy, he and the rest of the Ravens showed up and took care of business.

Washington Times Sports: "RG3 Can’t Keep Pace with Cincinnati Bengals as Redskins Secondary Gets Torched

RG3 can’t keep pace with Bengals as Redskins' secondary gets torched - Washington Times

The Redskins are going to have to make some adjustments on defense, especially in the secondary. And they may have to rely more on the Front Seven to handle the run and rush the QB and have the DB's play deep. Because they can't cover anybody one on one right now and are getting lit up on defense.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Public Resource: CBS News Longines Chronoscope: U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen in 1952

U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen R, Illinois
Members of Congress in both parties are always looking to weaken executive power. Especially since president’s are always looking to increase executive power. Which is what this debate is about and what Senator Dirksen was trying to do to have the members of this board having to all be approved by the U.S. Senate. During the 1930s the Roosevelt Administration under the New Deal, created all sorts of new programs, boards, agencies that had jurisdiction over the economy. And what Senator Dirksen wanted to do was to have these boards and board members have to be approved by the Senate. With both the Senate and House having Congressional oversight over these boards.

Many of these boards and agencies that were created by the New Deal were permanent boards and agencies. The President can put together short-term commissions and boards to study issues and come up with policy proposals and these things are put together all the time. But these commissions don’t have subpoena power generally and can’t issue new rules and regulations that business’s and individuals have to comply with. So what Senator Dirksen wanted to do here with this board since it was permanent with regulatory power was to have the members be approved by the Senate and have to report to Congress. Both the House and Senate.

This interview was done in 1952 when the country was at peace for the most part even though we were involved in the Korean Civil War. And the economy that was in depression for most of the 1930s and came out of that and recovered in the 1940s thanks to World War II. And Senator Dirksen’s line about fake prosperity had to do with the fact that the American economy was booming at this point, because we were at war and had so many me oversees and fighting. Which created millions of jobs at home with so many men out of the country. Plus with all the middle class jobs that were created at home to fight World War II and then later the Korean War. And I guess Senator Dirksen was saying that America wouldn’t have the prosperity at home if we weren’t fighting abroad.

FOX Sports: CFB on FOX: Gus Johnson, Charles Davis: Manhattan Kansas- Oklahoma recap

I was wrong about this game

Washington Times Sports: Gio Gonzalez Wins 20th as Nationals Rip Brewers

Gio Gonzalez wins 20th as Nationals rip Brewers - Washington Times

Gio Gonzalez would be the ace starter on a lot of Pitching Staffs in MLB

Saturday, September 22, 2012

National Geographic: Boston Gang War- Bullets Over Boston: The Irish Mob

Source: National Geographic-
Source: National Geographic: Boston Gang War- Bullets Over Boston: The Irish Mob

The Irish Mob was a big deal in the Northeast in the 1960s, 70s and 80s but have had similar problems that the Italian Mob has had the last twenty years. They've lost most of their leadership to the FBI and US Attorneys and a lot of them are now in prison and doing long sentences if not life sentences. People like James Whitey Bulger, as well Irish hitman Mike Mad Dog Sullivan, who'll probably never get out of prison, even though he wasn't officially sentenced to life. And the Irish Mob has kept alive the Irish stereotype that the Irishman have short and vicious tempers.

Irish mobsters are known for fighting and killing and actually enjoy doing those things. Mad Dog Sullivan is responsible for killing somewhere in the neighborhood of hundred people. You aren't able to kill that many people, if for one you aren't good at it, meaning you pull it off and get away with it. But also if you don't mind doing it, especially if you are killing bad people. People who have killed and have hurt innocent people on purpose. Italian mobsters kill for business, but Irish mobsters seem to enjoy killing people, something that has set Irish gangs apart.

FOX Sports: CFB on FOX: Charles Davis: Manhattan Kansas- Oklahoma Preview

Could be a good game but I don't believe the Wildcats are ready to beat a team as good as the Sooners yet but we'll see.

Washington Times Sports: Nats Could Learn Playoff Lesson From Ninth-Inning Meltdown

Nats could learn playoff lesson from ninth-inning meltdown - Washington Times

The Nationals are ready for the NL Playoffs, most likely taking on the winner of the Wild Card game

Friday, September 21, 2012

FOX Sports: Ken Rosenthal: Hot Corner

My Hot Corner for this week is that the AL East Race is back being between the Orioles and New York Yankees. And reliving this AL East Rivalry that was big in the 1970s, 80s and 90s to a certain extent, that fell off in the last decade when the Orioles fell but the Orioles are back. And the Yankees are still good.

Washington Times Sports: Redskins vs. Bengals: 5 Questions

Redskins vs. Bengals: 5 Questions - Washington Times

The Redskins defenses needs to step up for them to win, unless they are going to get in a shootout, having a rookie QB. The Cincinnati Benagls have a decent defense and the Redskins go into this game missing several key starters, like Rush End Brian Orakpo and DE Adam Carriker.

Washington Times Sports: Nationals Beat Dodgers to Clinch Nationals First Playoff Berth Since 1933

Nationals beat Dodgers to clinch D.C.'s first playoff berth since 1933 - Washington Times

Washingtonians in the MLB Playoffs for the first time since 1933

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PBS Frontline: The Choice 2012- Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama

Source: PBS- Mitt vs Barack-
Source: PBS: The Choice 2012- Full Episode

This should be interesting and informative, because it will give Independents especially a better idea of who Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are and what their backgrounds are as well. If you take Mitt Romney's word for where he is politically now today and pretend his politics from the 1990s and early 2000s never existed, perhaps you're an alzheimer's patient or not even old enough to vote yet today, then this really is clear choice.

You have a Center-Right somewhat neoconservative Northeastern Republican in Mitt Romney, (or at least that is how he's running for president) vs a Progressive Democrat in Barack Obama.

Barack Obama who believes that government can be used in a positive sense to give people in need a boost to get on their feet. Who really isn't a Socialist as his haters say he is who believes government can do practically everything for everybody if government were just allowed to consume most of our money and spend it on our behalf. President Obama is more of a Jack Kennedy Progressive, than a George McGovern Democratic Socialist.

Versus a Republican in in Mitt Romney, who 10-15 years ago would have probably fit in pretty well with the Democratic Party. Sort of like Joe Lieberman. But today is running as more of a neoconservative hawk on national security and foreign policy and a George W. Bush supply sider on economic policy. Who believes you cut taxes and regulations for the top and that somehow will benefit everyone else as well. 

WNST AM-1570: Ed Reed Says Ravens Defense Needs to Tighten Up

I don't believe the Ravens defense was that bad against the Philadelphia Eagles, they had a couple of bad drives in the fourth quarter. But this game should've been over long ago but the Ravens offense failed to take advantage of key opportunities off of Eagle turnovers. To put the game out of reach.

Washington Times Sports: Nationals-Dodgers: Nats' Furious Comeback Falls Short to Delay Clincher

Nationals-Dodgers: Nats' furious comeback falls short to delay clincher - Washington Times

Just a matter of days before the Nationals become NL East Champions

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Washington Examiner Sports: Nats Fans Confident About Playoffs

The Nationals are already in the NL Playoffs, now its just a matter if they are built to do well in the Regular Season. Or for the long haul where they make the Playoffs but make a long run as well and with how the pitching and defense is set up and now they are getting offense. I believe they and St. Louis Cardinals are the teams to beat in the National League.

Washington Times Sports: Could Adam LaRoche's Impressive Year Price Him Out of Nationals' Plans?

Could Adam LaRoche's impressive year price him out of Nationals' plans? - Washington Times

If the Nationals want to continue to be contenders and champions, they are going to have to continue to invest in players like Adam Laroche.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Caz Taylor: Ronald Reagan- On Health Care Legislation

Source: Caz Taylor- Ronald Reagan-
Source: Caz Taylor: Ronald Reagan- On Health Care Legislation

Ron Reagan was clearly not a statist. And another thing I respect about him, was he anti-statist across the board. Whether it related to the economy, social issues, as well as civil liberties.

You had Conservative-Libertarian Barry Goldwater running for President in 1964, in a Republican Party that still had a strong Northeastern progressive faction led by New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller. The Northeast being one of the few solid factions of the country where the Republican Party could do well. The civil rights legislation of the 1960s doesn't pass without these Progressive Republicans in Congress. Especially in the Senate where the Southern Democrats could block all legislation with just 33 votes. Most of their coalition and a handful of Conservative Republicans who were in the Senate at the tine.

And here you have newly born again Conservative Republican Ronald Reagan, who was anti-Communist Progressive Democrat in the 1940s and 1950s, but still a Progressive and not a Conservative, speaking in lockstep with Senator Barry Goldwater, who was Mr. Conservative before Reagan ran for President in 1980. Saying no to high taxes, big government, communism, socialism in general, and many other things the Far-Left of the 1960s and 70s was pushing. 

Washington Examiner: Giant Panda Birth Press Conference at National Zoo

The Panda Bear the cutest animal in the World pound for pound

WNST AM-1570: Ravens Ray Lewis: Says Get Regular Referees Back

The Ravens should've had one more touchdown in this game but the referee blew a pass interference call in the end zone, that could've been the difference in the Ravens-Eagles game.

Washington Times Sports: Eagles Serve turnovers, but Michael Vick Leads Comeback over Ravens

Eagles serve turnovers, but Michael Vick leads comeback over Ravens - Washington Times

The Ravens controlled this game most of the way and let it go away

Washington Times Sports: RG3, Redskins Come up Short Against Rams in 31-28 Loss

RG3, Redskins come up short against Rams in 31-28 loss - Washington Times

The Redskins blew a great opportunity to be 2-0 against the Rams

Sunday, September 16, 2012

FRSDailyPost: NFL Films: Jim Plunkett The QB Who Just Needed One Good Shot

Jim Plunkett coming into the NFL in 1971 with the New England Patriots out of Stanford, was one of the most. Talented QB's who ever came into the NFL, literally had one of the best arms that the game has ever seen, he had a rocket of an arm but was accurate who could throw short or deep and could read defenses as well. Who was also mobile who took a very average 1971 Patriots team and made them competitive, not winners but they won some games and chances to win other games. The Patriots were no longer jokes in Boston and Bostonians and broader Massachusetts and New England discovered. That they had a Pro Football franchise but after 1971, things went downhill in Boston for Jim Plunkett, the Patriots were no longer surprising teams because the rest of the AFC and NFL were. Actually taking the Patriots seriously and the Patriots didn't do a very good job of building around Plunkett and big Jim ended up taking a big beating in Boston and the Patriots end up. Giving up on Plunkett and trading him to the San Francisco 49ers in 1976, a team that was far from being a Super Bowl contender at that point, which is what they were in the early 1970s. But what Plunkett had going for him was Al Davis, who saw potential in people that no one else could see and he brings Plunkett to Oakland in 1978.

Jim Plunkett got exactly what he needed in Oakland with the Raiders in the late 1970s, he was beat up. Both physically and mentally from all the shots he took in Boston and San Francisco and the Raiders already had Ken Stabler one of the top 3-5 QB's in the game at the time. And they simply didn't need Jim Plunkett to play in 1978 or 79, which was actually perfect for. Jim, because it bought him time to heal both physically and mentally so when his time comes in 1980. When starting QB Dan Pastorini gets hurt, Plunkett is more then ready because he had spent two years waiting for that moment and was finally healthy and coming into the prime of his career physically. And it was a perfect situation for Plunkett coming to Oakland playing for a great team on paper and being able to play for an offensive Head Coach in Tom Flores, who I believe should. Be in the Hall of Fame but thats for a different blog and every happened from there for Jim Plunkett and the Raiders after that.

What I say about Jim Plunkett was that he was Hall of Fame talent but not a Hall of Fame QB, that if you look. At his career which was sixteen seasons from 1971-86, that after 1971 with the Patriots, he wasn't a very productive QB until 1980, where he went into that season as the backup QB. And then after that he was very productive with the Raiders winning two Super Bowls, being the MVP in one of them, including quarterbacking one of the best Super Bowl Champions of all time. In the 1983 Raiders but that the window for Jim Plunkett wasn't long enough for him to be in the Hall of Fame.

FOX Sports: NFL on FOX: Cowboys' window closing?

The Dallas Cowboys problems in the last nine years isn't that they've lacked talent, because they've been loaded on both sides of the ball. But the problems have had had to do with chemistry and the right Head Coach, ever since losing Bill Parcells and they were up and down with "the tuna" but he could not only bring in the talent. But the Cowboys knew who the leader was and that Coach Parcells was going to hold them accountable or they wouldn't be playing for the Cowboys for very long. And they've kinda lost that since Parcells left Dallas after the 2006 season and Wade Phillips a great defensive coach but too much of a players coach to be the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. And Jason Garrett just in his second season with the Cowboys, seems to be more of a players coach as well and we'll see if he has any more success, putting together a very talented football team. And getting the most out of them a team the last few years that if anything has been known for losing games they should've won, where they had big leads, rather then a team thats been known for winning a lot of games.

Washington Times Sports: NHL: Will The Season Start on Time and How Much Time is Left for CBA

NHL: Will the season start on time and how much time is left for CBA

I guess the NHL hasn't learned anything from 2004-05

Washington Times Sports: Nationals Blow Four-Run Lead, Drop Series to Braves

Nationals blow four-run lead, drop series to Braves - Washington Times

Tough loss for the Nationals

FOX Sports: FOX CF: Southern California @ Stanford: Highlights of The Cardinal 21-14 Victory

I wouldn't say this was the upset of the week both Southern California and Stanford are top 25 teams. But the Trojans were in the top five and a serious National Championship contender, who probably only had Oregon in their way to stop them in the Pac, if they got past Stanford. But the Cardinal were at home and have an excellent home crowd and played Stanford football tonight, limiting. The opportunities of the explosive Lane Kiffin Trojans offense with QB Matt Barkley a Heisman Trophy contender, with the Cardinal defense running the football and keeping the ball away from. The Trojans by running it successful and getting off the field on defense, keeping the score down and when you can run the ball successfully, get to the QB consistently and take the running game away from the Trojans. You can beat SC which is what Stanford did tonight putting them self in position to compete for another PAC Championship and get back in the BCS.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

NBC News: Election Night 1968- The Congressional Races

Source: NBC News- NBC News Anchor John Chancellor-
Source: NBC News: Election Night 1968- The Congressional Races

George Wallace running for President for what was called the Independence Party back in 1968. Which I believe should come back and would be a force in American politics. The American Independence Party (as it was called in 1968) was somewhat of a forerunner of the Reform Party and the Ross Perot movement of the 1990s. Fiscally conservative Americans from the South and Midwest. Who believed there was too much power in Washington and that the Federal Government was too powerful. Right-wing nationalistic Dixiecrats and ex-Democrats who were looking for something else. And not quite sold on the country club Republican Party. But thats the topic for another piece.

Governor Wallace blew a golden opportunity of having a say or a shot even at winning the presidential election when he selected General Curtis Lemay who of course made that crazy statement at that press conference about nuclear weapons. Without that maybe Governor Wallace wins 25-30% of the electoral vote. Sweeps the South or a least becomes a big enough factor there to prevent Vice President Hubert Humphrey or Richard Nixon from winning the Electoral College and forcing the presidential election into the House of Representatives. Where George Wallace believed he could've picked off enough Southern Democrats to perhaps win the election or force either Humphrey or Nixon to adopt a lot of his platform.

This was Wallace's strategy to win the 1968 presidential election and to be a factor in Southern House races and elect enough Conservative Republicans down there. To win the presidential election in the House. It was a long shot but the House GOP did pick up seats in the House, thanks to the South, making them a major player there in the next Congress.

But what you have to know about 1968 is how divided America was. Not just politically, but culturally as well, because the country was progressing so fast and changing so much culturally. Which is how we got the Culture War and the Christian-Right later on, as a response to the 1960s and the Cultural Revolution. So someone like a George Wallace who represented the old America without the new Americans and where non-male Anglo-Protestants were not powerful in America, his strategy to win the presidency was not far-fetched. 

FOX Sports: MLB on FOX: Ken Rosenthal Report

Looks like the St. Louis Cardinals have the inside track to getting a Wild Card

FOX Sports: CFB on FOX: Southern California/Stanford Preview

This should be the game of the week

Washington Times Sports: Nationals Drop Tight Series Opener to Braves

Nationals drop tight series opener to Braves - Washington Times

This is quickly becoming a very good NL East Rivalry

Friday, September 14, 2012

FOX Sports: Brian Billick Coach Speak: ID the 'Mike' LB

This is important for QB's and OL to know, so they know whose blitzing and whose staying back and then they can adjust.