Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, September 3, 2012

CBS News: Carter vs Reagan- CBS News Election Night 1980 Coverage

Source: CBS News- CBS News Anchor Walter Cronkite-
Source: CBS News Carter vs Reagan- CBS News Election Night 1980 Coverage

President Carter conceded so early in 1980 that the sun was still up in some places. Imaging being in a football game and you feel like the game is already over after the first quarter. Perhaps the score is 35-0 because one team ran the first kickoff of the game back for a touchdown. Then ran an interception back for a TD after they kicked off, got a quick stop and then ran the punt back for a TD as well. Well that is about 3 TD's in probably about 5 minutes in the 1st quarter alone. Granted, that almost never happens, but neither do presidential landslides where it's the President of the United States and back in 1980 that would be Jimmy Carter, who is getting landslide. A man who the country got to know for four years and were so unhappy with his presidency that 44-50 states voted against him. That was 1980 and that is how Ronald Reagan who had no government experience other than two terms as Governor of California and a brief stint in the military during World War II. Not to put Ronald Reagan down who I do believed was qualified to be President of the United States, but Jimmy Carter was certainly more qualified in 1980 than Ron Reagan.