Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, September 13, 2012

FOX Sports: Ask Ken Rosenthal: Jim Leyland done in Detroit?

I'm not very familiar with the situation in Detroit as far as what the Tigers might be looking to do in the future. But I would hate to see Jim Leyaland go and get fired there, he's just not still one of the best managers in baseball but has proven in Pittsburgh and Miami as well, Miami not a small market. But the Marlins have been a cheap franchise almost from day one, only spending big bucks every few years or so, partially because even though they are a big market club, the fan base there. Has been limited in the sense that the Marlins historically haven't drawn very well in Miami, part of that has to do with the fact that they played in a big football stadium their first nineteen seasons. But the fan base there hasn't been very loyal, Pittsburgh certainly a small market and my point about Jim Leyland is that he's proven that you don't need big bucks to win, that if you draft. Well and get the most of of the player you have, you can be successful, which is what Leyland was in Pittsburgh winning three straight Division Championships and being within a few. Plays of winning a National League Championship and then getting to Detroit, where the Tigers are a big market club but where he inherited a team that lost 120 games just a few seasons before.

Jim Leyland represents what's right with Major League Baseball, he knows exactly what his job is and does it as well as it can be done. That he's suppose to get the most out of the players that he has and take his teams as far as they can be taken, whether thats to a World Series or winning it. Or being a few games over 500 and he also knows that being a winning club might not happen overnight and understands that being a mediocre club in his first season can be successful, if thats the best available talent that you have. And I would hate to see him out of baseball.