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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

FOX Sports: FOX CF: Southern California @ Stanford: Highlights of The Cardinal 21-14 Victory

I wouldn't say this was the upset of the week both Southern California and Stanford are top 25 teams. But the Trojans were in the top five and a serious National Championship contender, who probably only had Oregon in their way to stop them in the Pac, if they got past Stanford. But the Cardinal were at home and have an excellent home crowd and played Stanford football tonight, limiting. The opportunities of the explosive Lane Kiffin Trojans offense with QB Matt Barkley a Heisman Trophy contender, with the Cardinal defense running the football and keeping the ball away from. The Trojans by running it successful and getting off the field on defense, keeping the score down and when you can run the ball successfully, get to the QB consistently and take the running game away from the Trojans. You can beat SC which is what Stanford did tonight putting them self in position to compete for another PAC Championship and get back in the BCS.