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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

FOX Sports: NFL on FOX: Cowboys' window closing?

The Dallas Cowboys problems in the last nine years isn't that they've lacked talent, because they've been loaded on both sides of the ball. But the problems have had had to do with chemistry and the right Head Coach, ever since losing Bill Parcells and they were up and down with "the tuna" but he could not only bring in the talent. But the Cowboys knew who the leader was and that Coach Parcells was going to hold them accountable or they wouldn't be playing for the Cowboys for very long. And they've kinda lost that since Parcells left Dallas after the 2006 season and Wade Phillips a great defensive coach but too much of a players coach to be the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. And Jason Garrett just in his second season with the Cowboys, seems to be more of a players coach as well and we'll see if he has any more success, putting together a very talented football team. And getting the most out of them a team the last few years that if anything has been known for losing games they should've won, where they had big leads, rather then a team thats been known for winning a lot of games.