Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, September 2, 2012

C-SPAN: Clint Eastwood-Speaks at The Republican National Convention: To An Empty Seat

Source: C-SPAN-
Source: C-SPAN: Clint Eastwood- Speaks At The Republican National Convention

First of all, before I get too far into Clint Eastwood, I just want to put all of my cards on the table about him. Or do the best I can of doing that from a non-card player, perhaps one of the few left in the United States. I just want to say about Clint, that he's one of my top three actors of all-time. He's one of my three favorite actors of all-time. Not saying he's one of the three best actors of all-time, but he's one of my three best favorites. He's also a great director and perhaps one of the best directors as well.

I own several of Clint's movies, including all of the Dirty Harry movies, my favorite cop movies as well. He's also my favorite action/comedy actor. If you look at all of his action flicks, they all have a lot of humor in them as well, a lot of that humor and improv coming from Clint himself. The Gauntlet from 1977, Enforcer from 1976, Pink Cadillac from 1989, are all excellent examples of that, where he's delivering very funny lines, but also improvising. There's a scene in Pink Cadilac where he plays a skip tracer (another way of saying bounty hunter) where Clint plays a pimp in order to get closer to a woman he's trying to bring back to justice. (So to speak) Heartbreak Ridge from 1986, where he plays a U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant, a great Marine movie, is also a very funny movie.

As far as Clint's speech Thursday night, it was better than the guy who would end up being the GOP nominee for President. It was more entertaining, I laughed through a lot of it, I thought he made a better case of why President Obama should be defeated than Mitt Romney did. That when things aren't going very well, its time to make a change and go in a different direction. Which is how people tend to get fired, if they aren't getting the job done, its time to let them go.

Clint's whole routine with the empty chair, was a perfect way to summarize the 2012 RNC, where most of the speeches we heard there were full of nothing. They spent most of the time talking about what they would do, even though they couldn't match what they were saying with any policies, or their records up to that point. What Clint Easstwood did, unintentionally If I had to guess, was to summarize the 2012 RNC as the Empty Chair Convention.

When a political convention or at least the acceptance speech of the next leader of the party, is remembered for a speech that was given off the cuff and is combined with an improv, rather than the leader of the party and the speech they gave, you know that the acceptance speech wasn't very good. Or didn't come off very well, because you want the convention to be remembered for the speech that the leader gave, rather than some speech that was given by a Hollywood actor.