Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, September 16, 2012

FRSDailyPost: NFL Films: Jim Plunkett The QB Who Just Needed One Good Shot

Jim Plunkett coming into the NFL in 1971 with the New England Patriots out of Stanford, was one of the most. Talented QB's who ever came into the NFL, literally had one of the best arms that the game has ever seen, he had a rocket of an arm but was accurate who could throw short or deep and could read defenses as well. Who was also mobile who took a very average 1971 Patriots team and made them competitive, not winners but they won some games and chances to win other games. The Patriots were no longer jokes in Boston and Bostonians and broader Massachusetts and New England discovered. That they had a Pro Football franchise but after 1971, things went downhill in Boston for Jim Plunkett, the Patriots were no longer surprising teams because the rest of the AFC and NFL were. Actually taking the Patriots seriously and the Patriots didn't do a very good job of building around Plunkett and big Jim ended up taking a big beating in Boston and the Patriots end up. Giving up on Plunkett and trading him to the San Francisco 49ers in 1976, a team that was far from being a Super Bowl contender at that point, which is what they were in the early 1970s. But what Plunkett had going for him was Al Davis, who saw potential in people that no one else could see and he brings Plunkett to Oakland in 1978.

Jim Plunkett got exactly what he needed in Oakland with the Raiders in the late 1970s, he was beat up. Both physically and mentally from all the shots he took in Boston and San Francisco and the Raiders already had Ken Stabler one of the top 3-5 QB's in the game at the time. And they simply didn't need Jim Plunkett to play in 1978 or 79, which was actually perfect for. Jim, because it bought him time to heal both physically and mentally so when his time comes in 1980. When starting QB Dan Pastorini gets hurt, Plunkett is more then ready because he had spent two years waiting for that moment and was finally healthy and coming into the prime of his career physically. And it was a perfect situation for Plunkett coming to Oakland playing for a great team on paper and being able to play for an offensive Head Coach in Tom Flores, who I believe should. Be in the Hall of Fame but thats for a different blog and every happened from there for Jim Plunkett and the Raiders after that.

What I say about Jim Plunkett was that he was Hall of Fame talent but not a Hall of Fame QB, that if you look. At his career which was sixteen seasons from 1971-86, that after 1971 with the Patriots, he wasn't a very productive QB until 1980, where he went into that season as the backup QB. And then after that he was very productive with the Raiders winning two Super Bowls, being the MVP in one of them, including quarterbacking one of the best Super Bowl Champions of all time. In the 1983 Raiders but that the window for Jim Plunkett wasn't long enough for him to be in the Hall of Fame.