Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, September 1, 2012

FRSDailyPost: NFL Films: NFL 1974: AFC Divisional Playoff: Dolphins @ Raiders: Sea of Hands Game: A Dynasty Ending Early

The Miami Dolphins won back to back Super Bowls between 1972 and 73 and won three straight AFC Championships from 1971-73. But after their second Super Bowl Championship in 73, they didn't even get back to another AFC Final until 1982. They also didn't even win another playoff game until 1982 as well, eight seasons from 1974-81 is a long time to go without even wining a playoff game. Especially considering when Don Shula is your Head Coach/General Manager as he was in Miami, to me you can only have one dynasty in Pro Sports in a decade and that goes to the dominant team of that decade. Sometimes a league doesn't have a dynasty in a decade like the NBA in the 1970s, where there wasn't really one franchise that dominates the entire decade and clearly stands out amongst every other franchise in the league for that decade. To me the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only dynasty in the NFL in the 1970s, they won four Super Bowls in that decade, four in six years. From 1974-79, that should be enough right there but also four AFC Championships in that decade as well and played in two other AFC Finals in the decade, only losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champion in 1972 and 76.

Going into the 1974 AFC Divisional Playoff between the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders, better known as the Sea of Hands Game. The Dolphins were on the verge of creating a dynasty, after winning back to back Super Bowls, including going undefeated in 1972, 17-0 hasn't been done since. And had they won this game and at least had gotten back to the AFC Final in 1974, if not won it, then yeah this would've been the best franchise not only in the AFC in the 1970s. Up to this point but NFL as well but the Dolphins had what the Raiders wanted, Super Bowl Championships, they hadn't won one yet, which is just one reason why this game was so special. And a game that I would like to have a copy of on DVD for myself, there's this old saying that to be the best, you have to beat the best and the Dolphins were the defending Super Bowl Champions, back to back and thats what the Raiders did.

It wouldn't be until 1976 that the Raiders would win their first of three Super Bowl Championships in eight years from 1976-83. But the Sea of Hands Game in 1974, showed the Raiders that they can not only play with the best but beat the best as well. In beating the Dolphins in the last minute on an incredible TD catch from RB Clarence Davis, who wasn't known for catching the ball. Thats the types of breaks the 1970s Raiders got.