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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

FRSDailyPost: Scott Brown Senate Campaign: Let America Be America Again

If control of the Senate comes down to who wins the Massachusetts Senate race, then of course as a Liberal Democrat. I'm going to support Elisabeth Warren, even if she's the Bernie Sanders of Massachusetts, perhaps the only admitted Democratic Socialist in Congress, not the only one, just the. Only admitted Democratic Socialist in Congress, representing Vermont in the Senate or perhaps even the Socialist Republic of Vermont, if you look at the politics up there. But if this race is just about who I prefer to win this race, as a Marylander who has no vote in this race, I prefer Senator Scott Brown. Politically and perhaps culturally, a solid Liberal or even Conservative in the classical sense on Social Issues and Civil Liberties, as well as a real Fiscal Conservative. That no matter what government is doing, that its only doing for the people, what they can't do for themselves. And its doing it as efficiently as possible and that includes the whole government , including defense, he's a real Fiscal Conservative, that expects the best bang out of all of our tax dollars. As oppose to some of the fake Fiscal Conservatives in the Tea Party, that believes there's no such thing as waste in the 700B$ Defense Budget and that there's never a time to cut the Defense Budget.

Senator Scott Brown is not a Tea Party Republican but more of a Goldwater/Reagan Republican, who doesn't. Come off as an elitist but someone that can connect with Working Class people, which is how Ron Reagan was able to win over Blue Collar Democrats, Senator Brown is a get government out of. Our boardrooms and bedrooms Republican, that government shouldn't be controlling how Americans live their lives, unlike the current Tea Party, this is not Rick Santorum, even though they have similar. Appeal to Blue Collar Republicans but again a Northeastern Republican, whose politically similar to someone like Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan, Bill Buckley perhaps but probably not quite as. Libertarian as Bill Buckley, this is not a Neoconservative, like Rick Santorum. vs a JFk Liberal Democrat, in this Senate race but more like Ron Reagan, or Olympia Snowe, Senator from Maine, vs George McGovern or Dennis Kucinich. In Elisabeth Warren and Scott Brown represents the best of what the GOP use to be and what they have to get back to, to remain a major political party.