Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PBS Frontline: The Choice 2012- Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama

Source: PBS- Mitt vs Barack-
Source: PBS: The Choice 2012- Full Episode

This should be interesting and informative, because it will give Independents especially a better idea of who Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are and what their backgrounds are as well. If you take Mitt Romney's word for where he is politically now today and pretend his politics from the 1990s and early 2000s never existed, perhaps you're an alzheimer's patient or not even old enough to vote yet today, then this really is clear choice.

You have a Center-Right somewhat neoconservative Northeastern Republican in Mitt Romney, (or at least that is how he's running for president) vs a Progressive Democrat in Barack Obama.

Barack Obama who believes that government can be used in a positive sense to give people in need a boost to get on their feet. Who really isn't a Socialist as his haters say he is who believes government can do practically everything for everybody if government were just allowed to consume most of our money and spend it on our behalf. President Obama is more of a Jack Kennedy Progressive, than a George McGovern Democratic Socialist.

Versus a Republican in in Mitt Romney, who 10-15 years ago would have probably fit in pretty well with the Democratic Party. Sort of like Joe Lieberman. But today is running as more of a neoconservative hawk on national security and foreign policy and a George W. Bush supply sider on economic policy. Who believes you cut taxes and regulations for the top and that somehow will benefit everyone else as well.