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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

New York Post: Raw Video: NYC Subway Sicko Gropes Woman

Another reason not to use the New York Subway

Fox Sports: Texas HC Mac Brown on Texas Beating Kansas

Big win for the Texas Longhorns

NFL Films: Al Davis :Raiders of The Lost 1990's

The 1990s was for the Oakland Raiders, what the 1990s was for the Japanese economy, a lost decade. There was really only one year that the Raiders were any type of Super Bowl contender, which was 1990. And had RB Bo Jackson not of gotten hurt in the AFC Divisional Playoff against the Cincinnati Bengals, the AFC Final against the Buffalo Bills would've been a lot different but most of. The rest of the 1990s, the Raiders either barely made the AFC Playoffs or barely missed the AFC Playoffs but they were no longer a dominant team in the AFC or AFC West where they are a Super Bowl. Contender practically every year like they were in the early and mid 1980s or the 1970s or the late 1960s, mediocrity had sunk into Los Angeles for the Raiders and is one reason why they moved. To Oakland where they belong but a franchise thats as great with the history of the Oakland Raiders, should never have a lost decade.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fox Sports: Video: Coach Speak: Brian Billick: Redskins-Steelers Preview

I believe the Redskins defense is going to have a hard time holding the Pittsburgh Steelers under thirty points. Which means the Redskins offense is really going to have to have a good game and not turn the ball over and make dumb penalties for the Redskins to win.

Washington Examiner: NBC Tonight Show: President Obama Promises Halloween Trick-or-Treaters Candy This Year Instead of Fruit

Since its an election year, the Obama Family should throw in cash for trick or treaters as well

Washington Times Sports: Dan Daly: Redskins' Offense Thriving Thanks to Diversity

DALY: Redskins' offense thriving thanks to diversity - Washington Times

Yeah but the problem is the Redskins defense is giving up about as many point and yards as their offense is producing

Sunday, October 21, 2012

WNST: Radio: Video: Terrell Suggs says Houston "whipped our ass"

Terrell Suggs telling it like it is

NFL Films: Crunch Time

This is exactly why I love football, motto a motto two men coming after each other and bringing their best. Two teams coming right after each, the team that wins is the winner, the team that loses is the loser, two teams against each other playing to be the best.

Fox Sports: CFB on FOX: Wildcats Rout Mountaineers

West Virginia can't stop anyone right now

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

EuroNews: Marie Antoinette's Slippers Sell For 62,000 Euros

Now this is what an investment in footwear looks like

Fox Sports: Video: Coach Speak: Brian Billick: Redskins-Giants Preview

A great and longtime rivalry, Redskins-Giants, I've been around for thirty years of this rivalry, as. Far as seeing all of the games in this period, if the Redskins beat the Giants this week, then they probably are for real, if they don't suffer any more key injuries. If the Giants win, then they'll take control of the NFC East and still be the team to beat.

Washington Times Sports: NHL Lockout 2012: Thaw May be Coming in Labor Negotiations

NHL lockout 2012: Thaw may be coming in labor negotiations - Washington Times

Looks like the NHL may be finally ready to start

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tenth Amendment Center: The Great Lie of The Nanny State

Source: The Tenth Amendment Center-
Source: Tenth Amendment Center: The Great Lie of The Nanny State

Damn! I found something that I agree with Alex Jones on. One of my goals in life was to never agree with Alex Jones on anything because he's so conspiratorial and which makes that worst is that he says he does that for entertainment value. So asking what Alex Jones really thinks about those conspiracy theories, would be like asking someone who is not a physic who is going to win the Super Bowl 2025. Who is going to be President of the United States in 2040. If Alex Jones said its a sonny day in Phoenix in July, I would check the local weather report there. He told me it was snowing in Minnesota in January, I would check the local weather there.

But on one issue where Alex Jones sort of sounds like he's not a salesman trying to sell snowmobiles in Los Angeles in August or trying to convince an alcoholic that they need to drink more scotch, or an escaped mental patient, has to do with the big government nanny state.  The nanny state wants to run our lives. The thing that I would add to that, is that both Socialists and Neo-Communists on the Far-Left  and Christian-Theocrats on Far Right, run and support the Nanny State.

Imagine if Socialists and Communists were running America. I know its a nightmare for anyone who is not a Socialist or Communist, but you might have to worry about doing jai time for eating too many potato chips. Have to get permission from the central government and perhaps wait months after filling out a dictionary worth of paperwork, to get permission to buy a home or buy cheeseburgers. Because the nanny statists would want to first check the collective value of allowing people to own homes or eat food that is not necessarily good for them.

Now imagine if the Christian-Right took over America and were successful in turing America into a Western Christian version of Iran. I know,  might as well imagine doing time in solitary confinement at a superman prison in Alaska or some place, perhaps Siberia. A nightmare you would only want for your best enemies. We again would have to fill out a year's supply of paperwork in order to see some movie that Christian-Conservatives view as immoral. Or listen to music, or worry about law enforcement breaking into our homes because we're hanging out with someone other than our spouses.

The only people in the world who need a big government nanny state, are mentally retarded people and mental patients, who simply don't have the mental capability to make their own personal decisions. So what happens is that those decisions get left up to the state or their families, to make those decisions for them. But that is a tiny percentage of the country and just because Americans voters seem to have this addiction to voting for people who don't represent their best interests, doesn't mean they can make the most basic fundamental decisions about their everyday lives. It just means they're dumb voters.

Fox Sports: Coach Speak: Brian Billick: Juan Castillo fired, Andy Reid Next?

If I'm Andy Reid, I'm not very confident about my future right now, considering the talent I have on. Both sides of the ball and the lack of wins that they have.

Washington Time Sports: Dan DALY: Plan B Worked For Redskins After Vikings Targeted Alfred Morris

DALY: Plan B worked for Redskins after Vikings targeted Alfred Morris - Washington Times

The Redskins have a lot more on offense then Alfred Morris but they are even better with him

Monday, October 15, 2012

FOX Sports: Video: Coach Speak: Brian Billick: Losing Lewis Means More Offense

I'm not sure the Ravens will get past the losses of Ray Lewis and LeDarious Webb. The defense was already struggling and they've given 200 yards rushing in now back to back weeks, with Lewis and Webb. Now they'll have to get even more out of the offense and someone is going to have to step up defensively or the Ravens can forget about the Super Bowl in 2012.

Washington Times Sports: Pieces Are in Place For Nationals to Make Another Big Run in 2013

Pieces are in place for Nationals to make another big run in 2013 - Washington Times

The Nationals are just getting started

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FOX Sports: Jerry Sandusky Sentenced

In all intense purposes, this is a life sentence

Washington Times Sports: SNYDER: "The Sooner This Loss is Forgotten, The Better For Nationals"

SNYDER: The sooner this loss is forgotten, the better for Nationals - Washington Times

The Nationals did what they needed to do in St. Louis, which was to get a split

U2: I Still Haven't Found What Im Looking For: Live From Milan 2007

My favorite U2 song and I'm not a huge U2 fan but I love this song because of the candor it. About someone who hasn't found what they are looking for in life, not completely satisfied with their life. And still looking for it, whatever it is to make their lives complete.

Monday, October 8, 2012

FOX Sports: Mark Harmon: NFL Injury Report: Week 6

The biggest injury of yesterday, has to be Robert Griffin with the Redskins, they need him to have a good shot at winning.

Be Cool, 2005: Aerosmith ft Christina Milian Cryin'

Perhaps the best Areosmith song of all time and the best reason to watch Be Cool, to see them perform in it.

HOTEI × Char × BRIA: Battle Without Honor Or Humanity Live

Not a big fan of Kill Bill but it has one of the best soundtracks of all time