Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New York Post: Video: Yankees Face Orioles: ALDS Preview Starting Sunday

I'm looking forward to the New York Yankees, Orioles Division Series for several reasons. For one as someone whose been an Orioles fan since 1983, this is my 30th season as an Orioles fan. I remember when the Orioles-Yankees Rivalry was a real thing, never as big as the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry. But historically the second best rivalry in the American League, at least in the last forty years, they were involved in several AL East races in the the 1970s and 80s, from 1976-82. Or 83, the Yankees won five AL East Championships during this period, 76,77,78, 80 and 81, the Orioles. Won the AL East in 1979 and 83, the Yankees won four American League Championships, the Orioles won two, 79 and 83, the Yankees won two World Series in this period, 77 and 78, the Orioles. Won one in 1983, even after both franchises took a step back in the late 80s, the rivalry was still good and both were involved the AL East race in 1989, these teams have played a lot of great. Games over the years with great players, Hall of Fame players on both teams, Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken for the Orioles, as well as Jim Palmer, the Yankees with Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield. Rickey Henderson and Don Mattingly who I believe should be in the Hall of Fame and the rivalry remerges in the mid and late 1990s, when both teams were good again and being involved in the AL East race in 1996 and 97, each team winning the division.

Another great thing about the Yankees-Orioles Rivalry, is that both teams are fairly close by, about a three hour train ride. Or even drive and fans of both teams go to each others games, now in the last fifteen years, the Orioles have been horrible at least record wise, so we've seen about. As many Yankees fans at Yankee Orioles games in Baltimore, then we see Orioles fans but hopefully thats changing now, with the Orioles having a great year, the Orioles are going to be good. For a while and are built for last and have the manager in Buck Showwalter to take them all the way, so the Orioles are going to around a while, especially if they lockup their young talent. They'll have a very good pitching staff for a long time as well and a good defense, especially since. They've picked up Nate McCloth and have him of left field and brought up 3B Manny Machado whose only twenty and moved Mark Reynolds to first base, where he could. End up winning a Gold Glove there, with the way he's played this year.

The last fourteen years, the Yankees have killed the Orioles record wise but they've won a lot of close. Games against them in this period as well, in 2012 they split the season series and the Orioles I believe have figured out how to play the Yankees, with solid starting pitching, not. Making mistakes and hanging pitches, getting up early and then turning it over to their great bullpen, this is why I believe the Orioles have a very good shot in this series and with the. First two games being at home, Oriole Park will be crazy and the Orioles will have an opportunity, to take a lot of momentum to New York, especially if they win the first two.