Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, October 19, 2012

Funny or Die: Cooking with Christopher Walken- Richard Belzer

Source: Funny or Die-
Source: Funny or Die: Cooking With Christopher Walken- Richard Belzer

I don't know if I want to eat a meal thats prepared by someone who could star in the Walken Dead. Maybe if I was on death row and I knew I was guilty and that the Governor of whatever wanted to expand the death penalty for jaywalkers, which in the real-life is the most serious crime that I've ever been guilty of ( or willing to admit to ) than sure! I would consider having my good buddy Chris Walken ( who I've never even met before ) come to the prison and prepare my last meal for me. Assuming the warden would allow it and I couldn't afford to pay him off.

A least my last meal from Walken might save me a little pain from the actual execution itself. Other than that because Walken is so believable both as an actor but comedian as well, you almost have to take him seriously in any role he's ever done. Perhaps especially when he's playing murderers or like in True Romance where he played an Italian mobster ( even though he's not Italian and doesn't look Italian at all ) but that is just one example of why he's such a great actor because he can make people believe he's Santa Clause who travels on a flying sled to avoid Los Angeles rush hour. He's literally that great at what he does.