Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tenth Amendment Center: The Great Lie of The Nanny State

Source: The Tenth Amendment Center-
Source: Tenth Amendment Center: The Great Lie of The Nanny State

Damn! I found something that I agree with Alex Jones on. One of my goals in life was to never agree with Alex Jones on anything because he's so conspiratorial and which makes that worst is that he says he does that for entertainment value. So asking what Alex Jones really thinks about those conspiracy theories, would be like asking someone who is not a physic who is going to win the Super Bowl 2025. Who is going to be President of the United States in 2040. If Alex Jones said its a sonny day in Phoenix in July, I would check the local weather report there. He told me it was snowing in Minnesota in January, I would check the local weather there.

But on one issue where Alex Jones sort of sounds like he's not a salesman trying to sell snowmobiles in Los Angeles in August or trying to convince an alcoholic that they need to drink more scotch, or an escaped mental patient, has to do with the big government nanny state.  The nanny state wants to run our lives. The thing that I would add to that, is that both Socialists and Neo-Communists on the Far-Left  and Christian-Theocrats on Far Right, run and support the Nanny State.

Imagine if Socialists and Communists were running America. I know its a nightmare for anyone who is not a Socialist or Communist, but you might have to worry about doing jai time for eating too many potato chips. Have to get permission from the central government and perhaps wait months after filling out a dictionary worth of paperwork, to get permission to buy a home or buy cheeseburgers. Because the nanny statists would want to first check the collective value of allowing people to own homes or eat food that is not necessarily good for them.

Now imagine if the Christian-Right took over America and were successful in turing America into a Western Christian version of Iran. I know,  might as well imagine doing time in solitary confinement at a superman prison in Alaska or some place, perhaps Siberia. A nightmare you would only want for your best enemies. We again would have to fill out a year's supply of paperwork in order to see some movie that Christian-Conservatives view as immoral. Or listen to music, or worry about law enforcement breaking into our homes because we're hanging out with someone other than our spouses.

The only people in the world who need a big government nanny state, are mentally retarded people and mental patients, who simply don't have the mental capability to make their own personal decisions. So what happens is that those decisions get left up to the state or their families, to make those decisions for them. But that is a tiny percentage of the country and just because Americans voters seem to have this addiction to voting for people who don't represent their best interests, doesn't mean they can make the most basic fundamental decisions about their everyday lives. It just means they're dumb voters.