Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, November 5, 2012

Gata Bella-ABC News: Barbara Walters 1990 Interview of Sophia Loren

Source: Gata Bella-
Source: Gata Bella-ABC News: Barbara Walters 1990 Interview of Sophia Loren

Just look at Sophia Loren at this point in 1990. She is around fifty-six at this point and Barbara Walters looking very cute as always too, but Sophia Loren still a goddess at this point and looking great. And if you look at how she started out in Italy born in 1934 under the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and how poor she and her family were in Italy and during a war-time and not worrying about how they were going to eat everyday and would they not have a place to live and everything else that comes from the hell of extreme poverty and then what she made of herself, it is an incredible life. That seems to of only of come out of Hollywood.

Sophia goes from extreme poverty war-torn Italy under a horrible dictatorship, to Italian and Hollywood goddess within less than twenty-years. Who else could’ve accomplished this and accomplish everything that she has to being one of if not the top Hollywood goddess's of all-time and one of the best actress’s, singers, perhaps even comedians who has ever lived. And all of this coming after the hellish start that she had in life, where she has a father that she almost didn’t know at all and had a mother who lived through hell as well.