Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fanciulla Kaestner: Sophia Loren's Mambo Italiano

Source: Fanciulla Kaestner- Sophia Loren-
Source: Fanciulla Kaestner: Sophia Loren's Mambo Italiano

The best looking Italian women of all-time, whether she’s from Italy, America or anywhere else. As one of the top 1% of best looking women of all-time, who can act, sing and make you laugh. If you watch this video, you can see that Hollywood knew how to use Sophia and how to get the most out of her and she knew who she was and how to get the best out of herself. You have this freakin Italian goddess with the look, with the great face, body, height, voice, personality and everything else. And they knew that and she knew that as well and they both knew how to use her and how to play her.
You see her in her movies and she’s generally playing someone who can sing and dance and that with the great personality, who can also make you laugh. And you see her dancing with great actors, two of the best ever and perhaps the two best ever in Cary Grant and Marlin Brando. Who she must have been a pleasure for them to work with, let alone dance with. And those movies that she was in, were always bringing that out in her. She was one actress and entertainer that Hollywood knew what they were getting and how best to take advantage of all of her qualities and get the most out of her.