Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bandit Boy: Sophia Loren- Boy On a Dolphin 1957

Source: Bandit Boy- Sophia Loren in Boy On A Dolphin-
Source: Bandit Boy: Sophia Loren- Boy on a Dolphin 1957

Sophia baby, as gorgeous, sexy and adorable as ever. This scene in Boy On a Dolphin, reminds me of the opening scene in Lady in Cement with Frank Sinatra that came out in 1968. Tony Rome (played by Frank) is on his boat just off the Florida coast in Miami and jumps in the water to go scuba diving and sees a young blonde woman who is lifeless with her eyes opening at the bottom of the ocean. Actually the only thing that that scene from Lady in Cement and this scene with Sophia Loren, have in common is that you have a young hot sexy women, wearing almost nothing and jumping in the water. Unlike Lady in Cement which is a very good and funny movie and it also features Raquel Welch, (worth the price of admission) Boy on a Dolphin minus Sophia doesn't look like a very good movie. "A sponge diver on a sunken ship filled with artifacts, including a priceless ancient gold statue of a boy on a dolphin." You can see how the movie got it's name and sure who doesn't want to watch Sophia Loren in a bikini in the water. (Well what straight man anyway) But that movie has been made before. And I think Sophia would be the only reason to see this movie.