Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, November 12, 2012

BIO-TV: Serial Killer Hitman Richard Kuklinski- The Iceman

Source: Biography- Convicted Serial Killer Richard Kuklinski-
Source: BIO-TV: Serial Killer Hitman Richard Kuklinski- The Iceman

The Iceman is the pefect nickname for mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski because thats exactly what he was. Cold-blooded who could kill people with absolutely no feeling of what he was doing one way or the other. Other than completing the task at hand and someone like that has no business ever living on the streets again. I don't like referring to human beings as animals (even if I don't want to use the word asshole) but if you were to call someone an animal, The Iceman would be towards the top of the list. Big powerful strongman who didn't have much if any care for anyone's life other than his own.

Kuklinski's job as he saw it was to stay alive and live as comfortably as he could. And killing came naturally to him and was something he was excellent at as far as all the murders he pulled off even if did kill some bad people who society would be better off having those people as dead. But we have the death penalty in America for people like Richard Kuklinski. People who have no care for anyone else's life other than their own, who actually get pleasure in taking someone else's life even if that person is also bad, and who are a real threat to murder again.