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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

NFL Films: NBC Sports: NFL 1993: Thanksgiving Day Game: Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys: Leon Lett Opps: Dick Engberg & Bob Trumpy With The Call

I remember this game very well because I was 17 at the time, a high school senior and about two weeks away. From my eighteenth birthday and my little brother and I and maybe my older brother as well, end up spending Thanksgiving at our next door neighbors. Who were like a another set of grandparents for us, we were pretty close and we ended watching this game over there. Except for the horrible weather, having to play football in a blizzard in Dallas, Texas of all places, this. Game was setup very well for the Cowboys to beat the Dolphins, they were clearly a better team, the. Dolphins didn't even make the playoff in 1993, with the great QB Dan Marino getting hurt at Cleveland and being out for the year. And then their backup QB Scott Mitchell gets hurt as well and Miami ends up having to go to 39 year old veteran journeyman QB Steve DeBerg who played for. More teams then Elisabeth Taylor had husbands and who hadn't played in like a year, after being cut by Kansas City.

What makes this play even funnier is that Leon Lett the DL guilty of the mess up on this play was a. Very good defensive tackle for about 3-5 years, he was a huge man 6'6 295 pound man, the size of an offensive tackle. But with the quickness of a DT, which might sound strange but the positions require different skills to be successful at them. But his career was basically known for fumbling a TD run off of a turnover in Super Bowl 27 and illegally touching a blocked field goal attempt. That set up the game winning field goal for the Dolphins.