Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, November 23, 2012

NFLN: Full Color Football: The History of the AFL: Wining The Peace

You want to know how the good the American Football League was, the NFL thought they had to merge with them. Because of this new competitor that they had, that was taking players away from them, that the NFL just missed, overlooked or were too bigoted to sign. And I'm talking about all of the African Americans that ended up playing in the AFL, you could've called the AFL. Short for the African Football League or the AAFL the African American Football League, because the AFL didn't. Care about race or color but were the best football players available, something that a lot of NFL teams. Overlooked in the 1960s, the Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers being exceptions to this, as well as the Los Angeles Rams. The NFL knew they had to merge with the AFL or risk becoming the second best gridiron league in the World. They risked losing markets and players to the new AFL.

Thats how successful the AFL was, if you were a talented football player in the NFL in the 1960s but were being overlooked. Because perhaps you came from a small college or were a little undersize, the AFL was a viable option for you. Because they would give you a look and a chance to be successful. The NFL perhaps had not other choice but to merge with the AFL and become the best gridiron league in the World, instead of having the two bests.