Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

CNN: Dr. Cornel West- 'President Barack Obama is a Black Puppet'

Source: CNN-
Source: CNN: Dr. Cornel West- 'President Obama is a Black Puppet'

It's statements like this that make it hard for serious Democrats such as myself to name someone and others to take so-called Progressives, ( if you want to call Cornel West that. Marxist-Communists-Socialists Bastard, would be more accurate. ) even though he's so far-left and irresponsible at times with statements like this, Progressive might not be the right word for him. Perhaps political entertainers, or satirist, escaped mental patient, drug addict, these are the right terms for people that you shouldn't take seriously. That if they tell you its's sunny in Miami, Florida even in the summer, you might want to see a Miami weather report first before you take that seriously.

Dr. West seems to have this idea that unless African-Americans are either as far to the left and as socialist as him or they aren't even really as African-American as him. Even if their complexion is darker than Dr. West's which is crazy. The African-American community is not monolithic politically. You have the Cornel West's and other Democratic Socialists of the world, Representative Maxine Waters would be another and than you have leftists like Like Reverend Jesse Jackson, Representative John Lewis and others who share Dr. West's political goals, but are more careful with what they say politically and can speak to a broader audience.

Cornel West is not a problem solver but a movement mover, more interested in keeping a movement alive rather than advancing the cause of the movement with real policy achievements and problem- solving policies. I sort of hate to put it this way, but Dr. West is sort of like like the Jesse Helms of the left and even far-left, someone more interested in advancing a cause and keeping a movement alive, rather than having policy achievements and objectives they can point to.