Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, December 28, 2012

NASL Video: NASL 1973: NASL Finals: Philadelphia Atoms @ Dallas Tornado: Highlights

Major League American Pro Soccer at Texas Stadium

Washington Times: Sports: Dan Daly: Striking a Balance Integral to Redskins’ Success

DALY: Striking a balance integral to Redskins’ success - Washington Times

Going into the 2012 Redskins training camp, the Redskins looked like they had a lot of depth especially up front. On defense and when they lost two of their best defenders, LB Brian Orakpo whose their best pass rusher. And then Adam Carriker as well perhaps their best DE and a solid pass rusher as well, the Redskins were left. With depth on front on defense but Unproven depth young players without a lot of experience as starters in the NFL. LB's like Jarvis Jenkins, Rob Jackson and Perry Riley but all of these players are good enough to play because. They all have the talent and just needed the opportunity, so as it turned out the Redskins not only had very. Good depth going into 2012 but they needed it as well, that might be the best thing they have going for them in 2012. Along with QB Robert Griffin and RB Alfred Morris that when one key player goes down, like TE Fred Davis. Perhaps their best all around receiver, that they have someone else who stepped in and got the job done.

When the Redskins were 3-6 back in early November they looked done and that all of the injuries they had were. Going to get the blame but head coach Mike Shanahan and defensive coordinator Jim Haslett both knew that. They still had enough good players and talent to not only compete but to win, so what they did was basically. Simplify things and use the talent they had both on offense and defense and get the best out of the available talent that they still had.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

AlternavtiveViewTV: "Far-Right Wing Holy Terror: Hitler Cult 3rd Reich to Christian Fundamentalism

America was founded by Radicals, Liberals and Libertarians who wanted to break way from the British Monarchy. Dictatorship really and create a Liberal Democracy in North America where the people would have the. Right to self determination rather then being subjects of the state and having to not only put up. With taxation without representation but high taxation without representation and not much benefit. Coming from the United Kingdom Government at all, so America was founded by left wing radicals, people. Who would be Liberal Democrats and Libertarians today but people who were definitely Radicals back. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Radicalism is not necessarily bad its the type of Radicalism thats bad. The American Revolution was a good form of Radicalism because it was about the fight for individual freedom. And self determination the ability for people to be able to chart their own course in life.

Radicalism is bad when its about bigotry or Statism that we can't trust the people to live their own. Lives and must set certain standards for not just how people interact with each other but how they conduct. Themselves in private and public and that people who don't see the World and America exactly the way we do. Are not only bad and dangerous but if anything they don't deserve to exist and when they live their lives. The way they see fit, they must be punished which is the Radicalism that we get from the far right. In America today Christian-Theocrats who if they had their way would turn the United States from a Republic. In the form of a Liberal Democracy into a Christian-Theocracy where Americans would be govern not by. The people who represent them and the US Constitution but a fringe view of what the Bible means and. Where our freedoms would be a lot more limited if we still had any freedom at all and these people. Simply have no business having a lot of influence on any major political party in America.

When it comes to the far right in America, we have Christian-Theocrats and people who I would call Neoconservative-Statists. People who are stuck in the 1950s and have a view of America that it should return to the 1950s. Where people who don't normally vote Democratic, racial minorities, women and homosexuals would go. Back into the closet and where a far right fringe in America would still control most of the power. And this fringe represents a large percentage of the Tea Party right now.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Rich Campbell: Cowboys Present Final Hurdle to Division Title For Redskins

Cowboys present final hurdle to division title for Redskins - Washington Times

As great as the Cowboys-Redskins rivalry has been in its history, it hasn't been the same for about twenty years. For the simple reason that the Redskins for the most part have been pretty mediocre and even real bad for a few. Seasons like in 2003, 1994 and 94 and the Dallas Cowboys since winning Super Bowl 30 in 1995 have been. Pretty mediocre as well and have had some real bad years also like from 2000-2002 where they lost 33 games. And as I've said before for a rivalry to be great the teams involved have to at least be good and Cowboys-Redskins. Games haven't meant that much in the last twenty years as far as determining playoff positions and whose. Going to win the NFC East but despite all of this its not as if in this time period that the Cowboys and Redskins. Haven't played each other in important games, like in the last week of the 2005 season when the Redskins. Knocked Dallas out of the playoffs and qualified for the playoffs themselves on the final week of the season at home and did it by blowing. The Cowboys out and in 2007 when the Redskins beat the Cowboys in another blowout to qualify for the Playoffs.

What this Cowboys-Redskins game this Sunday means is that its the first game in about thirty years where the. Winner of this game will win the NFC East, the Redskins are already in the playoffs but would like to win the NFC East. As well to host a wild card game in the playoffs and not have to start on the road, if the Cowboys win they'll. Win the NFC East and obviously make the playoffs but if they lose they'll be out of the playoffs so the Redskins. Have an opportunity to not only win the NFC East on Sunday but to knock their arch rivals out of the playoffs, so this should be a great game.

Monday, December 24, 2012

ESPN: MCBL 1976: Final Four Highlight Film: Indiana Hoosiers

The first for three National Championships for the great Bobby Knight

Washington Times: Sports: Via AP: David Ginsburg: Ravens Find Offense in Drubbing of New York Giants

Ravens find offense in drubbing of Giants - Washington Times

Looks like new Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell made his first positive stamp on the Ravens offense. On Sunday as the Ravens put up 33 points, QB Joe Flacco might of had his best game of the year completing. Twenty six passes for over 300 yards and RB Ray Rice had his fourth 100 yard rushing day and its not just. That these things happened that was impressive but how they happened, Joe Flacco completed passes. That maybe three other QB's could've completed yesterday, they were deep and one of them in double coverage. Where WR Torry Smith was being double teamed but Flacco completed the ball to him by throwing only where. Smith could catch it right in between the two defenders, another TD pass to I believe Torry Smith again. Where he threw the ball going away from the end zone in the corner and Smith goes up and catches it. Ray Rice had a big day running but he had big holes as well and exploded threw all of them, the Ravens. Don't lack talent on offense but they lack consistency and perhaps all they needed was a OC who knows. Exactly what type of team that he has and how best to utilize that talent to get the most out of them and perhaps Jim Caldwell figured that out Sunday.

The Ravens locked up the NFC North on Sunday and will have the fourth seed in the AFC Playoffs and will. Be hosting a wild card game so in theory they have nothing to play for Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Other then this being a big rival game no team likes losing whether they have something to play for or not. But the Ravens will have something to play for, for one knocking the Bengals out of the playoffs. But more importantly an opportunity to build off the victory against the Giants and build some momentum going into the playoffs. Instead of entering the playoffs having lost 4-5 games.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: NHL lockout 2012: Via AP: Ira Podell: League Cancels Games Through Jan. 14

NHL lockout 2012: League cancels games through Jan. 14 - Washington Times

Its looking more and more like the NHL will cancel the 2012-13 season with no signs of progress in the negotiations. In the last few weeks or even months and the only news that comes out anymore is that more games being canceled.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fox Sports: Debate: NFL Head Coaches on Hot Seat

Andy Reid, Norv Turner, Jim Schwartz, Lovie Smith, Ken Wisenhunt should all be worried about losing their jobs after this season.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Stephen Whyno: Alfred Morris is Mike Shanahan's Latest 1,000-Yard Running Back

Alfred Morris is Mike Shanahan's latest 1,000-yard back - Washington Times

Mike Shanahan is probably stereotyped as a West Coast offense guru who likes to throw the ball a lot and only. Runs the ball to keep defenses off balanced but if you look at his career whether it was in Los Angeles with the Raiders. Denver with Broncos or now in Washington with the Redskins, its true that coach Shanahan does like to throw the ball. But if you look at his career and of course with the Redskins where they run basically a Triple Option or Pistol offense. Where the TB, FB, QB and WR at times but mostly the backfield are all threats to run the ball and of course. His record with the Broncos you know that coach Shanahan not only believes in the run but believes running the ball. And controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, where you can run the ball and your opponents can't. You'll see that coach Shanahan believes running the ball and running it well not only makes the passing game. Better where with the Redskins they can go West Coast possession passing game or they can go Spread Vertical deep. Passing game because of all the threats they have both short and vertical in the passing game and a good. Running game sets up the entire Redskins passing game.

Redskins TB Alfred Morris is not only the Redskins latest 1,000 yard rusher and all time Redskins rookie rushing leader. But he's Mike Shanahan's latest 1,000 yard rusher that goes back to his days in Denver and in Los Angeles. Because coach Shanahan not only believes in running the ball and running it well but he knows how to draft running backs. As important as QB Robert Griffin has been and he is the leader of the Redskins offense but he wouldn't be nearly. As effective without Morris and having that TB he can consistently go to and the OL that has consistently opened holes. For him and the Redskins offense, the entire Redskins offense is setup and built around Griffin and Morris and when. The Redskins run the ball well, their entire offense is setup and opens up the entire Redskins offense where now. They can also go to the possession passing game or go play action into the Redskins vertical passing game. Because the defense has to be worried about the running game and have defenders close to the line of scrimmage.

Teams may believe that if they can stop the Redskins running game, they shut down the Redskins offense. So if they just play eight in the box, they can shut down the Redskins running game and not have to worry. About the Redskins being able to move the ball but thats not true because Robert Griffin is a very effective passer. Short middle and deep and the Redskins now have the receivers who get open on their own and beat tight coverage and beat it deep. So gaining up on the run is not an effective strategy to stop the Redskins offense but with the running game. Opposing defenses are forced to play the Redskins honest which sets up the entire Redskins offense.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Washington Times: Via The AP: Justin Pope: Catholic Big East Conference Offers Challenge, Opportunity

Catholic conference offers challenge, opportunity - Washington Times

When I think of Big East basketball, a think of a collection of great schools that all have very good basketball. Programs, programs that competed every year for the national championship or at least getting to the Final Four. Catholic schools like the great Georgetown and St. Johns to use as examples but also adding Notre Dame as well. And I believe Seton Hall, and other schools like Villanova, Syracuse and Providence, this was the Big East. Of the 1980s and a conference that reminded me of the NFL's NFC East division where you had great rivalries up. And down the conference, like Georgetown vs St. Johns, Georgetown vs Syracuse, Georgetown vs Villanova. St. Johns vs Syracuse and many others, this was the Big East of the 1980s and 90s but that started disappearing. In the last ten years or so especially as Big East football has almost gone away, where great Big East schools. Like West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse have all left to at least play football in other conferences.

For the Big East to get back to being that great conference again, they need to get back to football the most popular. Sport in the country with if anything college football being more popular then the NFL and instead of looking to move. Down to a smaller less important football conference, when I think of the Big East I think of the Northeast. That the Big East is the Northeast conference and thats where they should be and where they should represent. And be looking to hold the schools that they still have there but looking to expand there as well, Notre Dame. Would be a great addition to the Big East and would be a good move for Notre Dame football and give Notre Dame. A conference they could rule but where they would also get great competition every year from Cincinnati. Louisville, Pittsburgh, if Syracuse. Were to come back and there football program is coming back to being a winning program again. And get West Virginia and Pittsburgh back and look to expanding in Buffalo.

The Big East instead of trying to be everywhere from Washington to Chicago, to Miami in the South before. They left for the ACC, should be the Northeast conference where they would be the dominant conference. Of that region where they would not only have great athletic programs but more importantly great schools as well.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Dan Daly: Don't Try to Grasp it, Just Enjoy The Redskins Ride: How a Streak Made The Redskins a Good Team

DALY: Don't try to grasp it, just enjoy Redskins' ride - Washington Times

At some point a streak becomes something else and no longer a streak and becomes more like a season. What the Redskins have done in the last five weeks with hopefully at least two more victories in the future with. Two very winnable games coming up at Philadelphia who can't beat anybody right now and then of course Dallas. Coming to town right after that which might be the game that decides who wins the NFC East depending. On how both teams do this week at some point this is no longer a streak if it continues and becomes a way of life. For the Redskins and how they expect to play and how their fans expect them to play where we expect them. To win every week like we did in the 1980s and the early 90s that we know they are a good team and we expect them to win. A feeling Redskins fans haven't had in at least twenty years, the Redskins won the second most games in the 1980s. And won two Super Bowls, three NFC Finals and four NFC East championships to go with those hundred plus wins. In the "me decade", they weren't about me but they were about the team back then.

To me this is no longer a streak but its gotten to the point where they are no longer about one player anymore. Either being QB Robert Griffin who of course is still the leader of the team but they have become a good team. That expects to win that their opponents have to prepare very well for and give their best effort or they are going to lose. Thats a difference between a good team and a competitive team, a good team expects to win and their opponent. Knows they have to play well in order to win the game, a competitive teams expects to play well and give. Their opponent a good game and if they do that they think they have a shot at winning but their opponent knows. They don't have to play well to win because they are a better team and they know that the competitive team. If anything will lose the game rather then the good team having to win the game, the Redskins are no longer. A competitive team thats on some streak they are now a good team that plays well and expects to win.

Early in the season the Redskins needed to score thirty plus points to win because they weren't a complete team. But during this streak they've become a complete team where their defense and special teams are now part of the same. Team the same package a winning formula that when they all come together with the offense, all each unit. Has to do is their job and prepare well not have to do anything special to give the team a shot at winning. The differences between a competitive team and a good team and an unbalanced team and a balanced team.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

NBC Sports: NFL 1987: AFC Final Pregame Show: Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos

The 1987 AFC Final is of course remembered for what's called the fumble where Browns QB Bernie Kosar. Was putting together a great winning drive and had the Browns in position to win the game and he hands the ball. Off to RB Earnest Byner who was an excellent all around RB for both the Browns and Redskins and was. Going in for the winning score of this game and had what looked like a clear path to the end zone. But gets stripped of the ball by a Broncos defender and of course the Broncos recover the ball and win the game. The AFC championship and move on to Super Bowl 22.

But what a lot of people I'm not sure are familiar with. Is that the Broncos were down like 3-4 touchdowns at halftime and only got back into the game because. They kept giving the ball to Byner both running and receiving who had over hundred yards of total offense. In the second half alone with a couple of touchdowns in the second half to put the Browns in position. To win this game the Browns wouldn't of been in position to win without Earnest Byner. So to this loss all on Earnest Byner when the Browns would've had no shot of winning this game without him. With all of the points the Browns defense gave up in the first half and with the Browns offense. Doing almost nothing on offense in the first half, is very unfair, yes Byner should've been more careful. With the football and ran it like his life depended on him not fumbling the ball but the Browns didn't. Lose this game because of Earnest Byner because without Byner the Browns would've had not shot of even winning it. And the Broncos probably would've either held their big lead or added to it in the second half.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

FRSDailyPost: NFLN: A Football Life: Marcus Allen: What Could've Been For Marcus and The Raiders

I rather write a blog about what a great career that Marcus Allen had who might of been the most talented. Running back of all time, its between Marcus and Walter Payton for that as far as I'm concern and. I would give the edge to Jim Brown as far as whose the best but I'm not going to write a blog about. How great a career that Marcus had and its not because he didn't have a great career because he certainly did. The rewards are there, the numbers are there, where he ranked in this era are there as well and course he's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So the career that Marcus did has speaks for itself but what stands out for me is what could've been. For Marcus and the Los Angeles Raiders had Al Davis's ego not of been bigger then the love he had for the Raiders. And had Marcus Allen not of been misused and underused and had the Raiders simply used Marcus for. What he was which was a great all around tailback who was the best player on the Raiders team in the 1980s.

When the Raiders did use Marcus correctly from 1983-85, you saw the results the 1983 Raiders win Super Bowl 18. With one of the best teams of all time I would argue the best Raiders team of all time and in 1984 and 85. They were in position to make more runs at the Super Bowl but came up short in the AFC Playoffs. The Raiders should've took the mantle from the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s and had become the team. Of the 1980s instead of the San Francisco 49ers or had at least been the franchise that dominated the. AFC in the 1980s and had at least of competed with the San Francisco 49ers to see who would've been. The franchise of the 1980s but again they underused Marcus, instead of using his as their featured back. And designing the offense around him to go with their vertical passing game, they used him like he. Was any other player, constantly looking for his replacement rather then realizing they already had. The best all around RB in the NFL.

When you think of the Los Angeles Raiders of the 1980s, you think of Marcus Allen and great defenses. With an incredible pass rush that could get to the QB with just the defensive line, that was also great against the run. That had not one but two cover cornerbacks in Lester Hays and Mike Haynes and of course the big play passing game. And yet this is a franchise that yeah won two Super Bowls in the 1980s but they probably should've won. At least two more because they were as talented and as good as anyone in the NFC and better then anyone. In the AFC but they came up short because they didn't use their best weapon who also happened to. Be the best overall running back in the NFL at the time.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Washington Times: Sports- Dan Daly- Redskins Season is Turning Into a Surprise Party

DALY: Redskins’ season is turning into a surprise party - Washington Times

In 2005 the Redskins fell to 5-6 in I believe week twelve against the Oakland Raiders who were like 5-11 that year. And going nowhere, I'm going off memory here as a die hard Redskins fan and they won six straight games including. The wild card game over the Tampa Buccaneers in the NFC Playoffs and in 2007 the Redskins fell to 5-7. In week thirteen against the Buffalo Bills were like 7-9 or 8-8 that year and going nowhere as well, a game they should've won. And won four straight games starting on Thursday Night Football against the Chicago Bears. And made the NFC Playoffs before losing the wild card game. In 2012 the Redskins fell to 3-6 to I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers up at Pittsburgh in a game they really didn't. Have much of an opportunity to win, they feel behind early and often and were struggling most of the game just to keep it close. Which became a blowout by the fourth quarter and Mike Shanahan and company were already talking about. 2013 as far as what direction the club would go in and there was even talk of whether coach Shanahan would even. Be brought back for 2013 and course the Redskins have now won four straight games and basically control. Their own destiny as far as making the NFC Playoffs or not.

My whole point is that these three winning streaks late in the season in the last eight years all have the same thing. In common making the offense less complicated and concentrating on what it does well, which is run the ball. And look for big plays in the passing game and put together long scoring drives, rather then trying to beat teams in shootouts. Every week, the other thing that these streaks have in common, is that defenses have all played very well in these streaks. Playing well enough where the offenses don't have to get into shootouts and score on every drive and allowed for the. Offense to get up early and hold leads, there's two differences here in these streaks, in 2005 and 2007 the Redskins. Had one of the top defenses in the NFL in both seasons, thats not the case now, in 2013 the defense in this. Streak is more bend and don't break, get big plays against the QB and force big takeaways. The other difference is QB Robert Griffin where the Redskins have a playmaker throwing and running the ball.

Sometimes simpler is better, that instead of trying to fool your opponents all the time and trying to score on every play. Sometimes you can simply win games by outplaying your opponents by out executing and stick to what you do well. And not make big mistakes and for your defense to come up with a few big plays that changes the course of the game. Which is what the Redskins defense did against the Ravens and New York Giants and thats what the Redskins have done. They gotten back to basics and its paying off.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

NBC Sports: MLB 1989: MLB All Star Game: Bo Jackson Clips: Vin Scully and Tom Seaver With The Call

How many other players of Bo Jackson's generation had the speed to be a leadoff hitter and the power to be a cleanup hitter

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ABC News: Nightline: President Reagan's Assassination Attempt: MARCH 30, 1981

This must of looked like the JFK assassination at least early on, just seventeen and a half years later. After President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 but this story was a little different with all the chaos. That happened right after, like who was in charge of the Executive Branch with Vice President Bush being out of town. And the Reagan Cabinet not sure who should fill in until the Vice President was back in Washington.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moog Rogue: Firing Line With William F. Buckley- Barry Goldwater on The Role of Conservatism in 1966

This piece was originally posted at FreeState Plus: Moog Rogue: Firing Line With William F. Buckley- Barry Goldwater on The Role of Conservatism in 1966

I saw a column by Pat Buchanan today called the Conservative Winter of Discontent. Basically making the demographic argument of why Republicans are in trouble. Because the country is becoming more minority both racially and ethnically and since minorities overwhelmingly vote Democratic and with the majority population shrinking as a percentage of the overall country, that the Republican Party could be headed into a deep winter. Meaning out-of-power in the Federal Government for a long period of time. Like they were in the 1960s, 1940s and 1930s. I would argue that the country is also becoming more liberal-libertarian on both social issues and economic policy. And there’s this growing mood that big government shouldn’t be involved in running our lives, out of our bedrooms and wallets. As Barry Goldwater famously said and all of this as it stands now plays very well for Liberal Democrats and Libertarians going forward and really bad for Bible Belt and Neoconservative Republicans. Who now run the GOP and more importantly bad for the GOP going forward.

The Republican Party has suffered landslides losses in the past. After 1964 they were left with a third of the seats in Congress. Something like 145 seats in the House and 33 in the Senate. But they came back and within four years the Congress was much more evenly divided and they won back the White House in 1968. It’s not as if Republicans lost a landslide in 1976, but that Democrats had large majorities in Congress already going in. And they held that in 1976 and added the White House to that power as well. And of course Republicans came back in 1978 adding seats in both the House and Senate, leaving Congressional Democrats with smaller majorities. And of course Republicans win back the Senate in 1980 as well as the White House. And again in 1992 House Democrats had a large majority, the Senate was closer 55-45, but Congressional Democrats held their own in the House and Senate and added the White House as well.

2012 is much different. For one, the Republican Party is in much better position as it stands now, but not going forward. Than they were in 1964, 1976 and 1992. We have a Republican House and a large Republican minority in the Senate. And Republicans now have thirty governorships. But the challenges for the GOP going forward again with the changing demographics are much greater and something they’ll have to successfully address. Or we could see what Pat Buchanan called as I would call it a Republican Winter. Where by 2014 or 2016, Republicans may not only be out-of-power all together, but looking at long stretches as an opposition minority party. Trying to figure out how they can get back into power again.

It’s not as if there isn’t a path back to power and victory for Republicans and that they have to give up their principles or anything. In the 1980s they were seen as the tough on defense and crime. Fiscally responsible, believers in economic and individual freedom as well, they need to stay that way. But the individual freedom angle needs to be highlighted more and move away from the big government statist party on social issues. And they’ll be able to appeal to more minorities who like their message of economic conservatism. Get back to Bill Buckley and Barry Goldwater. The two fathers of modern conservatism. Meaning limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility. Stop trying to outlaw things simply, because you disapprove of them and they go against your values. Especially when the overwhelming majority is on the other side. Let people live their own lives economically and personally and Republicans will be able to bring in the voters they need to be competitive going forward.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Rich Campbell: Redskins vs. Ravens: 5 Questions

Redskins vs. Ravens: 5 Questions - Washington Times

Again the Redskins need to avoid a let down after winning three straight against their division rivals. The Ravens destroy teams that aren't ready to play them, with the big play offense that they have when they play their game. And their improving defense thats been getting early stops lately but the Ravens need to be prepared for the Redskins offensively and defensively. This will either be a great close game or the Redskins will control the game most of the way and win fairly easily. Sorta how the Redskins beat the Dallas Cowboys a couple weeks ago, a blowout until the fourth quarter. I say that because the Ravens have been consistently inconsistent on both offense and defense in 2012 and if they play well. We'll have a great game but they can't play this game half ass, especially against the Redskins, with all the weapons they. Have on offense, not just QB Robert Griffin and their pass rush and takeaway ability and just the overall improvements. The Redskins defense has been making the last few weeks.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NHL Network: NHL 1993: EC Semifinals: Game 7, Long Island Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins

The biggest upset in the 1993 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Islanders knocking off the defending Stanley Cup champion. Penguins in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MSG: NHL 1980: Stanley Cup Finals: Philadelphia Flyers vs Long Island Islanders: Islanders Win The Stanley Cup

The Islanders finally get it done and win the Stanley Cup

Washington Times: Sports: Dan Daly: After Taking Down Champs, it's Time to Take Redskins Seriously

DALY: After taking down champs, it's time to take Redskins seriously - Washington Times

Lets not get ahead of ourselves Redskins fans, me included the Redskins are still 6-6 with four games to go and. We were 3-6 three weeks ago, considering about looking at young talent and making plans for next season and evaluating players. But in the last two weeks, the Redskins have beaten two playoff caliber teams in the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. And will have a huge test against the Ravens this Sunday, a team they haven't beaten since 2000 but the Redskins now have to be taken seriously. Because they've not only shown that they can compete with good teams but that they can beat them as well, which. Is a difference between being a good team and a team thats competitive enough to play with good teams and. I believe this has all started with the Redskins defense, which of course is not one of the best in the NFL, especially missing three of their best players.

The Redskins defense has been able to limit big plays and get key stops which has bought time for the Redskins offense. That we all knew was very good from the start but now they just have to play their game and not try to win every game on their own. When the Redskins defense plays well, again they don't have to be dominant but strong against the run and limit big plays in the passing game. Which gives their pass rush an opportunity to get to the QB, which they've done all year and create takeaways. This team is not only good enough to beat any team in the league but they actually have won those games now.

Monday, December 3, 2012

BBallBreakDown: The Real Story How The Lakers Got Magic Johnson

The Los Angeles Lakers who were already a playoff team in 1979, managed to draft perhaps the best player. In college basketball and the NBA as well in 1979, to go along with what was already an NBA Finals contender.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eric Scheie: Investigative Reports- Watergate: Reasons Behind The Burglary

Source: Eric Scheie-
Source: Eric Scheie: Investigative Reports- Watergate: Reasons Behind The Burglary

The only problem with the Watergate investigations, is that they didn't catch onto the Nixon White House and their abuses of power earlier. And what the Nixon White House was trying to do, which was essentially centralize all of the power into the White House and use the reason of war powers, that America was at war. And under these conditions the Executive has more power than they normally wouldn't have. Including to not only investigate Americans they see as enemies of the state, but be able to take them on and go out-of-their-way to discredit them, which is what the enemies list was about. Had Congress not only Democrats, but Republicans weren't asleep at the wheel, they could've stopped President Nixon's abuses of power earlier than they did in 1974.

The main role of Congress is to hold the executive accountable. In a liberal democracy like America you have checks and balances because to protect the country from abuses of power and authoritarian big centralized government. So you don't have so much power in the executive especially the Head of State. That they have a Congress or Parliament, as well as a judiciary to hold them accountable when they go too far.

You would think in a government where one party controls the executive and the opposition party that controls both the House and Senate in Congress, that the Congress would have more incentive to hold the executive accountable. And not investigate because they want to embarrass the President and White House and make them easier to beat in the next election. But so they know what the executive is going too far and trying to pass off policies on the country without the approval of Congress. But in the early 1970s the Democratic Congress was asleep at the wheel in many cases involving the Nixon Administration. Which is one reason why Watergate was able to happen at all. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NFL Films: 1970s Buffalo Bills With Head Coach Lou Saban

Lou Saban was a very good NFL head coach who was generally undermanned, as far as the teams he had. Other then when he was with the Buffalo Bills in the 1960s and they won the 1965 AFC Championship. The only time he made the AFC Playoffs in the 1970s at all, whether it was with the Denver Broncos or Bills. Was in 1974 and even though they had OJ Simspon and QB Joe Ferguson and a few others on offense, they struggled badly on defense.