Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Thursday, December 27, 2012

AlternavtiveViewTV: "Far-Right Wing Holy Terror: Hitler Cult 3rd Reich to Christian Fundamentalism

America was founded by Radicals, Liberals and Libertarians who wanted to break way from the British Monarchy. Dictatorship really and create a Liberal Democracy in North America where the people would have the. Right to self determination rather then being subjects of the state and having to not only put up. With taxation without representation but high taxation without representation and not much benefit. Coming from the United Kingdom Government at all, so America was founded by left wing radicals, people. Who would be Liberal Democrats and Libertarians today but people who were definitely Radicals back. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Radicalism is not necessarily bad its the type of Radicalism thats bad. The American Revolution was a good form of Radicalism because it was about the fight for individual freedom. And self determination the ability for people to be able to chart their own course in life.

Radicalism is bad when its about bigotry or Statism that we can't trust the people to live their own. Lives and must set certain standards for not just how people interact with each other but how they conduct. Themselves in private and public and that people who don't see the World and America exactly the way we do. Are not only bad and dangerous but if anything they don't deserve to exist and when they live their lives. The way they see fit, they must be punished which is the Radicalism that we get from the far right. In America today Christian-Theocrats who if they had their way would turn the United States from a Republic. In the form of a Liberal Democracy into a Christian-Theocracy where Americans would be govern not by. The people who represent them and the US Constitution but a fringe view of what the Bible means and. Where our freedoms would be a lot more limited if we still had any freedom at all and these people. Simply have no business having a lot of influence on any major political party in America.

When it comes to the far right in America, we have Christian-Theocrats and people who I would call Neoconservative-Statists. People who are stuck in the 1950s and have a view of America that it should return to the 1950s. Where people who don't normally vote Democratic, racial minorities, women and homosexuals would go. Back into the closet and where a far right fringe in America would still control most of the power. And this fringe represents a large percentage of the Tea Party right now.