Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Friday, December 14, 2012

Washington Times: Sports- Dan Daly- Redskins Season is Turning Into a Surprise Party

DALY: Redskins’ season is turning into a surprise party - Washington Times

In 2005 the Redskins fell to 5-6 in I believe week twelve against the Oakland Raiders who were like 5-11 that year. And going nowhere, I'm going off memory here as a die hard Redskins fan and they won six straight games including. The wild card game over the Tampa Buccaneers in the NFC Playoffs and in 2007 the Redskins fell to 5-7. In week thirteen against the Buffalo Bills were like 7-9 or 8-8 that year and going nowhere as well, a game they should've won. And won four straight games starting on Thursday Night Football against the Chicago Bears. And made the NFC Playoffs before losing the wild card game. In 2012 the Redskins fell to 3-6 to I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers up at Pittsburgh in a game they really didn't. Have much of an opportunity to win, they feel behind early and often and were struggling most of the game just to keep it close. Which became a blowout by the fourth quarter and Mike Shanahan and company were already talking about. 2013 as far as what direction the club would go in and there was even talk of whether coach Shanahan would even. Be brought back for 2013 and course the Redskins have now won four straight games and basically control. Their own destiny as far as making the NFC Playoffs or not.

My whole point is that these three winning streaks late in the season in the last eight years all have the same thing. In common making the offense less complicated and concentrating on what it does well, which is run the ball. And look for big plays in the passing game and put together long scoring drives, rather then trying to beat teams in shootouts. Every week, the other thing that these streaks have in common, is that defenses have all played very well in these streaks. Playing well enough where the offenses don't have to get into shootouts and score on every drive and allowed for the. Offense to get up early and hold leads, there's two differences here in these streaks, in 2005 and 2007 the Redskins. Had one of the top defenses in the NFL in both seasons, thats not the case now, in 2013 the defense in this. Streak is more bend and don't break, get big plays against the QB and force big takeaways. The other difference is QB Robert Griffin where the Redskins have a playmaker throwing and running the ball.

Sometimes simpler is better, that instead of trying to fool your opponents all the time and trying to score on every play. Sometimes you can simply win games by outplaying your opponents by out executing and stick to what you do well. And not make big mistakes and for your defense to come up with a few big plays that changes the course of the game. Which is what the Redskins defense did against the Ravens and New York Giants and thats what the Redskins have done. They gotten back to basics and its paying off.