Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Monday, December 17, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Dan Daly: Don't Try to Grasp it, Just Enjoy The Redskins Ride: How a Streak Made The Redskins a Good Team

DALY: Don't try to grasp it, just enjoy Redskins' ride - Washington Times

At some point a streak becomes something else and no longer a streak and becomes more like a season. What the Redskins have done in the last five weeks with hopefully at least two more victories in the future with. Two very winnable games coming up at Philadelphia who can't beat anybody right now and then of course Dallas. Coming to town right after that which might be the game that decides who wins the NFC East depending. On how both teams do this week at some point this is no longer a streak if it continues and becomes a way of life. For the Redskins and how they expect to play and how their fans expect them to play where we expect them. To win every week like we did in the 1980s and the early 90s that we know they are a good team and we expect them to win. A feeling Redskins fans haven't had in at least twenty years, the Redskins won the second most games in the 1980s. And won two Super Bowls, three NFC Finals and four NFC East championships to go with those hundred plus wins. In the "me decade", they weren't about me but they were about the team back then.

To me this is no longer a streak but its gotten to the point where they are no longer about one player anymore. Either being QB Robert Griffin who of course is still the leader of the team but they have become a good team. That expects to win that their opponents have to prepare very well for and give their best effort or they are going to lose. Thats a difference between a good team and a competitive team, a good team expects to win and their opponent. Knows they have to play well in order to win the game, a competitive teams expects to play well and give. Their opponent a good game and if they do that they think they have a shot at winning but their opponent knows. They don't have to play well to win because they are a better team and they know that the competitive team. If anything will lose the game rather then the good team having to win the game, the Redskins are no longer. A competitive team thats on some streak they are now a good team that plays well and expects to win.

Early in the season the Redskins needed to score thirty plus points to win because they weren't a complete team. But during this streak they've become a complete team where their defense and special teams are now part of the same. Team the same package a winning formula that when they all come together with the offense, all each unit. Has to do is their job and prepare well not have to do anything special to give the team a shot at winning. The differences between a competitive team and a good team and an unbalanced team and a balanced team.