Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Washington Times: Sports: Stephen Whyno: Alfred Morris is Mike Shanahan's Latest 1,000-Yard Running Back

Alfred Morris is Mike Shanahan's latest 1,000-yard back - Washington Times

Mike Shanahan is probably stereotyped as a West Coast offense guru who likes to throw the ball a lot and only. Runs the ball to keep defenses off balanced but if you look at his career whether it was in Los Angeles with the Raiders. Denver with Broncos or now in Washington with the Redskins, its true that coach Shanahan does like to throw the ball. But if you look at his career and of course with the Redskins where they run basically a Triple Option or Pistol offense. Where the TB, FB, QB and WR at times but mostly the backfield are all threats to run the ball and of course. His record with the Broncos you know that coach Shanahan not only believes in the run but believes running the ball. And controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, where you can run the ball and your opponents can't. You'll see that coach Shanahan believes running the ball and running it well not only makes the passing game. Better where with the Redskins they can go West Coast possession passing game or they can go Spread Vertical deep. Passing game because of all the threats they have both short and vertical in the passing game and a good. Running game sets up the entire Redskins passing game.

Redskins TB Alfred Morris is not only the Redskins latest 1,000 yard rusher and all time Redskins rookie rushing leader. But he's Mike Shanahan's latest 1,000 yard rusher that goes back to his days in Denver and in Los Angeles. Because coach Shanahan not only believes in running the ball and running it well but he knows how to draft running backs. As important as QB Robert Griffin has been and he is the leader of the Redskins offense but he wouldn't be nearly. As effective without Morris and having that TB he can consistently go to and the OL that has consistently opened holes. For him and the Redskins offense, the entire Redskins offense is setup and built around Griffin and Morris and when. The Redskins run the ball well, their entire offense is setup and opens up the entire Redskins offense where now. They can also go to the possession passing game or go play action into the Redskins vertical passing game. Because the defense has to be worried about the running game and have defenders close to the line of scrimmage.

Teams may believe that if they can stop the Redskins running game, they shut down the Redskins offense. So if they just play eight in the box, they can shut down the Redskins running game and not have to worry. About the Redskins being able to move the ball but thats not true because Robert Griffin is a very effective passer. Short middle and deep and the Redskins now have the receivers who get open on their own and beat tight coverage and beat it deep. So gaining up on the run is not an effective strategy to stop the Redskins offense but with the running game. Opposing defenses are forced to play the Redskins honest which sets up the entire Redskins offense.